29 June 2011

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Currently working on another short story as it's been a while since I last sat down and took the time to write one. This one will be based on a friendship that blooms into a very passionate romance and loving relationship. Both parties involved have had secret crushes on one another for such a long time that it's now become routine to feel the way that they do.

Although it is only a short story I intend to pack it with every emotion possible throughout each line. As I don't believe I can write an entire book following one storyline, I weigh up my options and squeeze just the right amount of information I need into a shorter one. Thus far I have written just over a dozen, if not double, new found love stories.

Under Your Spell Again will be the title of this piece.. I may or may not post it on here once it's completed!

27 June 2011

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I found one of my old mood rings earlier on today that I had bought so many years ago. I didn't think it would still work as it should but I put it on anyway. Since I have had it on my thumb it's colour has remained a deep purple colour so I was interested in what it meant. After searching online and finding all different answers that would enable me to determine my current mood; I decided to make a post about the one's I found to be the most appopriate and believable.

I have never really had my ring turn Black, Yellow, Red or Green so I can't really pinpoint the true causes of those. My ring usually turns either dark Blue or Indigo, indicating that I'm feeling either a lot of love or I am feeling somewhat passionate about something. The latter is probably the most accurate and is mingled constantly with the first.

The love I have for my fiance is undying and constant. This is why my ring seems to be stuck on the colour Indigo and to be honest I quite like it as it's also my favourite colour. The only problems I'm having with this ring is the horrible faded Green colour it leaves on my thumb once I've taken it off. I may need to buy a new one if this keeps up as it looks as though I have mold growing on my skin due to wearing it.

I honestly don't believe this ring is very genuine because it rarely ever changes colour, it seems to always stick on Purple. Whilst I don't mind having a purple ring, it doesn't perform as it should. I can't possibly be be feeling so loved up all the time can I? Maybe I am always feeling that way deep down inside, but what about when I'm down and depressed? Should it not turn Red or Black? Either way, it's a weird little gadget and I will be buying another.
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Even though my latest post was also about this man I feel I could have elaborated a lot more as many people still feel the media are correct in portraying him as a horrible, arrogant and selfish person. If it isn't clear I disagree on all accounts that suggest this is so, I'm going to make it clear now.

If you enjoy reading and listening to what the media produce then more fool you. There is a difference between having your own opinion and simply using other opinions to form your own. In no way can we tell exactly what anyone is like behind closed doors, but one thing we cannot do is judge those we know next to nothing about. That is all I ever see regarding Axl Rose and it's completely unfair on him. Would you like going about your life knowing there are thousands of people out there who have this undying hatred toward you simply because they picked up a newpaper and read a piece of fiction? No, I don't believe you would.

Luckily enough there are still die hard fans who will defend their favourite celebrities and rightly so. I can admit that I'm one of them as there's a quote that has been lingering for a while as it seems to convey what a fan really is. An attack on my idol is an attack on myself. To me and many others this statement rings true and I like to use it everywhere I can.

Some people would now like to believe that those who admire and adore certain celebrities that much must be completely mental and have no life. This is also untrue. When you find reasons to like another person it doesn't suggest that your entire life revolves around them, unless of course you would like it to as is the case with some relationships. Admiring a celebrity for what they do and who they are is more than acceptable as plenty of people out there act the same towards those who are not of fame and fortune. What difference does it make just because they are known all over the universe? It makes no difference at all.

I can't count the number of times I have gone over all of these factors but it does become highly frustrating. To know there are incredibly stubborn people out there who refuse to accept the way some people act toward celebrities is ridiculous. It's almost like a religion. They practically live by everything the media tells them and not once do they think to examine the claims in order to express their own thoughts and opinions on whatever junk they decide to publish. I have yet to meet anyone genuine who is in some way connected to the media, it seems they are all out for money and that's that.

Why Axl? one of the most disliked celebrities in the world thanks to all the crap that's printed about him. They also had a good laugh poking fun at Michael Jackson for many years of his life because he was different. In all honesty, what kind of thrills do they receive from doing all this to innocent people? The only answer I can come up with, again, is money. They print false stories about perfectly innocent people merely to pay the bills and off they go to the bank with a satisfied smile on their faces. But how long will that happiness last when you compare time and money? You have to understand that eventually, the guilt is going to build up until it is too much to bear, then what happens? You regret everything.

No one is ever truly rewarded for being a fool or an inconsiderate, dumb human being. Perhaps they get all they want right now, but years down the line it all goes to shit. I just wanted to give my thoughts on the matter, defending Axl Rose is something I enjoy doing as I have the grounds and information I need in order to be successful with it.

26 June 2011

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When people hear the name Axl Rose they immediately result in calling him horrid names because of everything they hear and/or read. The media enjoy twisting everything they get their hands on to make unfortunate people look like complete lunatics.

Axl may have the odd outburst here and there but who doesn't? Are we actually going to gun him down with harsh words just because his actions are always on camera thanks to the media who just love following celebrities around to get juicy gossip and catch things they should not?

Mr.Rose has been seen in a bad light over the years because as the media claim repeatedly; he has severe anger issues. It annoys me to hell and back that people are still so vulnerable toward what the media tells them and they seem to believe anything whether it's true or not.

In my eyes, mainly because I'm not blinded by the hatred that goes hand in hand with money craving, in control of entertainment news, arrogant reporters and journalists, Axl is a good man. I've always had the same opinion regarding him, no matter what I read or hear. We don't know the full story behind any of the claims so we can't point the finger automatically as most do. Leave Axl alone.. he's done nothing wrong.. and he's better than all of these attention seeking media whores put together.
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Love does not know gender. It does not know any obstacles that try to stand in it's way to prove that it is wrong. Sexuality is a choice and everyone has the right to use their own free will. Why should choosing a soulmate not be included in that? I just want to stress how ashamed I am to know there are still people discarding the rights of those who love someone of their own gender. Does gender really matter when two people are in love? If you could put yourself in their shoes long enough to understand their feelings, would you? Or would you do what everyone else seems to do and turn away as though it's not important and a waste of your time?

People need to wake up and forget everything they only 'think' is right. The world is changing and for too long, people have suffered with the pain of not being able to expressive how they truly feel about those who they love simply because a bunch of others didn't see it as normal. To me it is all about control and doing whatever the hell you feel like doing just because you have the power and the money to do so. Regarding those who disagree with same sex marriage but aren't as wealthy as some, it is nothing but religion that has made them believe for so long that it's not natural.

If a woman and another woman are in love, nothing can prevent it and nothing ever should. If a man and another man are in love, nothing should prevent that either. It is no different than opposite sex couples feeling things for one another, do we frown upon that? No we don't, so why do some of us see it as ugly? The reality of the situation is that you can't help who you fall in love with.. and nothing should stand in your way of feeling what you want to feel. Let the world say what they wish, nothing can stop the way you feel inside for another human being and nothing ever will prevent it.

25 June 2011

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I highly recommend this movie if you're a fan of Shyamalan. Out of his movies I would say this is one of his best, standing alongside The Sixth Sense, Signs and The Village in particular.

Story (Bryce Dallas Howard) is a water nymph (known as a Narf in the movie) who is found to have emerged from a pool belonging to a middle aged man who owned an apartment complex. The owner Cleveland (Paul Giamatti) toppled into the pool after falling unconscious when he slipped on the edge, knocking his head on the concrete. Story rose from her home (known as the Blue World) to prevent Cleveland from drowning and returned him back to hit shelter.

When Cleveland awakes he asks the girl countless questions about who she was and where she had appeared from. Story refused to tell him and claimed everything he wanted to know was a secret so explaining herself to him would only cause her harm. Seeing the situation as bizarre and not believing everything Story said, he took it upon himself to carry her out into the pool so she could wake up and remember who she was. This was probably his biggest mistake.

After almost colliding with a very fierce lupine like creature (known as a Scrunt), he started to believe everything Story was telling him. It got the point whereby he knew he had to protect her so she could somehow return to her home in the Blue World without being attacked by the horrid creature. Making decisions to weigh up his options, he asked around the complex to find certain people that Story had mentioned would help her along her journey. He found them.

The residents of the building managed to fight off the nasty creature using the powers she had told them controlled the vessel which would enable her to return home safely without being torn apart by the nasty threatening Scrunt.

There wasn't really a dull moment throughout the whole movie so it was really entertaining. It also had me wondering whether stories like that.. could be true.

24 June 2011

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When you're in love it's the most amazing feeling in the world and you know with everything that you are, they are the one you will be spending the rest of your life with. Those who find love are the luckiest people in the world because they will never be lonely. It's one of the things in life that we can't possibly live without, though some may try to and never admit there's something missing in their life. Then there are those who just throw it all away as though it's just another waste of time. I feel sorry for those who believe they can make it through life without someone by their side. No matter how stubborn a person might be and no matter how much these people will make you and themselves think they are alright, they are not. I wouldn't say so. It's a part of life and to live without it wouldn't be much of a life as I explained in a post a few days ago. Perhaps I am just bias in my opinion on love because I am very strongly in love right now and will continue to be forever. It just bothers me how some people can so easily throw it all away and go on dead as a doornail. Could you live a life without love? or do you need love to keep you breathing and living?

23 June 2011

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I chose to put the nickname 'Tubby' in brackets because as those who have seen the movie know.. he does not like being called that. Whilst it's very clear his head has been tormented for far too long that it's not almost impossible for him to see what's right and wrong, I don't hold anything against this character. Unlike his fairly evil friend, he is extremely sensitive and it seems to me as though he's only being used by him to get the job done quickly.

As sick, twisted and disturbing as this movie may be.. I can't help but enjoy watching it as both of these boys are brilliant actors and their performances only advance throughout. I've never seen either of them act before seeing this movie and it's unlikely that I will because the only reason I kept on watching was because Peter, to be brutally honest, scared the absolute crap out of me at the beginning. The way he stares at people as though he's looking right through them worries me.. his shocking blue eyes don't help with that either.

All in all though it's a great movie and perfect for all who love thrillers! I wouldn't say it's entirely gruesome but it has it's moments, be it bloody or just painworthy. I'll definitely be watching this one on repeat all the time.

22 June 2011

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I just read a post on another blog site discussing Johnny Depp's worst movie/s. To be honest, I could never really dislike any of the movies he has starred in, simply because it's he who starred in them. His performances never truly disappointment me and it was amusing to see others views on the matter.

Some people believe the Pirate movies are his worst and that's one that really grabbed my attention. Why is it that a fair few people dislike those movies? Personally, I would assume they hate those movies because they were so used to Johnny playing 'odd' roles of his choice simply to be different, whereas Jack Sparrow is now incredibly popular among children and adults alike and they think he's going mainstream. I don't agree with this. Most people are becoming bored of watching the pirate movies but the children are still loving it. This is why Johnny is still thrilled to play Mr.Sparrow because he knows that the children enjoy it.

Regarding the other movies mentioned that people think weren't good enough as they expected more from him, I want to try and point out the reasons why the majority of disliked Depp movies are actually brilliant. I'll start with 'The Brave' because it's one of my favourites and unlike most people I understand it's purpose. This is probably why many Depp fans and movie lovers in general don't like it, because it can be somewhat difficult to follow and the point becomes unclear throughout, at least till the end. It's a story based on the lives of those who have no money, are forced to live in poor conditions and are struggling day by day to make a living. As it seems to me, most people don't realise the whole point of the movie was to outline and explain his heritage. It was a very clever and emotional movie and Johnny's performance, as well as Brando's were magnificent.

Another movie featured on the dislike list was 'Secret Window' and that one really came as a shock to me. This is my ultimate Depp movie, the one I adore the most, the number one movie he has ever made, in my opinion, followed closely by many others. His character in this movie is quirky and weird with a whole lot of creepy added in there, especially when it becomes noticeable that he's not all there inside his head. What makes the movie more enjoyable is the insanity and thrills provided curtesy of Johnny as he swings back and forth between each of his personalities, which if I am not mistaken he has at least three of. I read someone elses opinion on each of his personalities in this movie and according to them, at least one of the personalities was a real life human being who's main goal was to torment the living hell out of him and send him bonkers.

I think the only two movies that didn't motivate me into moving any muscles or speaking a sound would be Dead Man and Ed Wood. Dead Man was just really dull and boring, although Johnny looked pretty decent as he always does. Ed Wood was weird and could have been fun given the role he played, but I just wasn't entertained by it. Aside from those two movies of his I couldn't pick out others that are his worst because really, there aren't any others that deserve to be degraded.
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Two days ago as I'm sure most of you heard, a jackass member died in a horrific car accident where upon the car burst into flames after colliding with a tree. According to reports thus far it is believed that Ryan had been drinking prior to entering the vehicle, but it has not yet been determined whether or not that was the cause of the crash.

That being said, how dare critics accuse him of driving under the influence when it's not even been confirmed? I read Roger Ebert's twitter post after reading over Bam Margera's where he raised hell over the comments Ebert had made about his late best friend. Whilst drinking and driving is completely idiotic and has a potential risk of injuries or in the worst case scenario death, I do believe his comments about Ryan were unfair and more than a little direspectful. Ryan had passed only hours before his twitter post that read "friends don't let jackasses drink and drive". Not only is it degrading but it's highly inappropriate under the circumstances. Do these people have no sympathy at all?.

As well as Ebert's twitter post I stumbled across yet another critic who had posted on her blog about the way a critic is supposed to perform. I agree that in order to gain attention and popularity they must write the latest news as soon as they possibly can otherwise they lose out. However, to take advantage of someone who had passed away merely hours before such a horrendous comment was made is unforgivable. Have these people got no soul?. I am truly losing fath in humanity if this is what the world is like today.

My heart goes out to Ryan's family, friends and the members of Jackass, the show will never be the same without him. Regarding Bam's aggresive response to Ebert's post, I am in complete and utter agreement, he had every right to react the way he did. To the critic who wrote about how a critic must perform; get your facts straight before you type out a load of absolute gargabe as there ARE millions of people crying over the loss. Some clearly haven't got a clue just how popular the show and it's members really are!

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Coming up with a decent blog post on a daily basis is incredibly difficult when taking into consideration the pros and cons of certain topics. Too many people become easily uninterested in reading reviews about movies, music and celebrities, especially when they have their own opinion and believe it is right. When a blogger tries to come up with a list of post ideas it can be just as frustrating as realising that you even have to result in that. This is what it's like for me although I rarely create ideas in the form of a list or spider diagram (which would be ideal if you want to link certain ideas). I usually scan the internet for lists of topics that other people have created, whether they are in my niche or not doesn't matter to me. If an idea is interesting enough and thrills me enough then I am motivated to write about it. Take this post as a prime example. I have never written about finding fresh ideas for a post before but I have been forced to do so due to my uncreative mind over the last few weeks, possibly only days. When I run out of ideas and am left with rather dull one's I always search around to see what I can find. Music is also a big help as it inspires so many thoughts. Movies sometimes can help as well depending on the genre; a horror or thriller would not help me write for my niche. How do you go about finding ideas for new blog posts? Is it as difficult for you as it is for me? Let me know!

21 June 2011

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I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing


When Love And Hate Collide

Prisoners In Paradise

Sweet Child O' Mine


Open Arms

The Ballad Of Jayne

If I Die Tomorrow

Goin' Where The Wind Blows

Lay Your Body Down

We All Die Young

Give It To Me Good

Now You're Gone

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman

Million Miles Away

I Wanna Know What Love Is

Okay, this is my list.. but there are plenty of other brilliant tracks I could have included. Help me out a bit and name a few more via comments!

16 June 2011

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I have decided to write a book! Although I have already managed to get one book published this is somewhat different as it's not poetry related. This book will be an interpretation of Alice In Wonderland.. but it will be based on the eighties decade as you probably guessed given it's title. The main character of my story is called Dana Heart, her surname taken from the glamorous ladies of the band Heart who released this fantastic song:

Dana lives a life of luxury but is completely unlike her peers in the sense that she isn't into the latest fashions, movies or music. Thriving off a decade she's in love with.. she one day ends up falling down what appeared to be a rabbit hole.. and ends up somewhere she didn't expect.

14 June 2011

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Okay.. I posted a comment on a thread about long distance relationships a few moments ago and I now want to elaborate a bit more on what I said. I chose this song for this post because not only does it suit the idea of a long distance relationship, but it is also mine and my fiance's 'couple song' or whatever you would like to call it. That's the best description I can come up with that actually makes sense to me and it's been that song since we first got together.

Now.. because I am in a long distance relationship at the moment I felt the need to share some advice in regards to the question she asked. I won't give away too much as it's somewhat a personal matter even though it was posted on a public thread for other members to see. I can say this, she was feeling incredibly powerless in trying to understand her partners emotions and why he had reacted in such a way after she pressed on the matter of whether or not he missed her. It's difficult to determine exactly what the problem was but I offered the best advice I could seeing as me and my fiance tend to have the odd day of depression ourselves.

A long distance relationship will stay strong if you are sure to include the following, as with most relationships:
  • Love
  • Honesty
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Loyalty
  • Balance
  • Support
  • Sympathy
Many people are in understanding that long distance relationships eventually fizzle out because the couple involved can no longer stand being so far apart. Whilst this may be true, did you ever believe that these people could have tried a little harder to make it work? I think like this. If you truly love someone with all your heart then you'll do what you have to do to make it happen. Whilst I can understand wholeheartedly how painful it is to hardly ever see your partner, you need to at least have the courage to face all of your loves boundaries otherwise it will never work out. Too many people end relationships over issues such as this and it saddens me when I think about it, it also makes me question how loyal and dedicate they are concerning other aspects of their lives. It is hard when you are in a long distance relationship but you need to gut it out and wait for the moment you can finally be together.

Anyway, I'm getting a little off topic here. This womans boyfriend, in my own opinion, was just feeling the strain of never being able to see her as much as he would like to. I understand this and so does my fiance as we go through the exact same thing at least once a week. It is awful knowing you cannot hold them in your arms and cuddle for hours on end, talking about everything you can think of to pass the time, never wanting to be away from them ever again. What I told her was exactly that, I explained that he must be feeling incredibly down over the distance between them both and it's becoming harder and harder as time goes by. Being that I know how she's feeling and how he is feeling I found it best to give as much help as possible to her so she could feel better about the situation.

Never give up on the one you love with your entire being, especially if they love you the same way back.

13 June 2011

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Love is passion, obsession, someone you can't live without. If you don't start with that, what are you going to end up with? Fall head over heels. I say find someone you can love like crazy and who'll love you the same way back. And how do you find him? Forget your head and listen to your heart. I'm not hearing any heart. Run the risk, if you get hurt, you'll come back. Because, the truth is there is no sense living your life without this. To make the journey and not fall deeply in love - well, you haven't lived a life at all. You have to try. Because if you haven't tried, you haven't lived.

This quote from Meet Joe Black is a huge favourite of mine as it determines the true meaning of love, what it's like to be in love and how you can go your whole life being unappy unknowingly because you never found it. When I first watched this movie and heard this quote I was only young and did not at that particular moment see what it must be like to live without that feeling. Now, I have found love. I know what it's like to wake up every morning with a huge smile plastered across your face because you know there is someone in the entire world who loves you for everything you are and will be. I found that in my fiance. He is the reason why I wake up smiling every morning, the reason why I can get through the bad times and put it aside saying that it never really happened, the reason why I love life. He has made me happier than I could ever express through such a limited form as words appear to be, there is no explanation for the way I feel. You cannot live without love in your life, it just wouldn't be much of a life at all without someone to share every moment with.

11 June 2011

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Blake Pearl: If I were to ever become a pirate that is the name I would choose. I have adopted it and no one can take it away from me, unless of course they have an abundance of medallions to spare. I am very serious about that name and if I wasn't already in a wonderous, forever lasting relationship with my dearly beloved husband, I would marry it. Sure, that's complete insanity, but had I not been given my name at birth I would have loved to have been called Blake Pearl. Aside from the fact that it is unmistakably similar to the name of The Black Pearl (which is why I chose it).. it has such a lovely ring to it. Captain Jack Sparrow I'm sure would adore it and the pirate lady above would be welcomed with open arms onto his ship given her beauty. I have decided that from this day forward, every Halloween night shall consist of me dressing up in the above attire and walking around my neighbourhood like a great big kid with a handheld treasure chest for goodies.

10 June 2011

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It's Called Love is my very first book to be published and I currently have another lined up that contains a lot of short stories. The book above however contains an abundance of poetry, all of different genre's so there is pretty much something for everyone. I will be honest though and say most of them are based on love as it's one of the most popular emotions out there and near enough everyone can relate to it. When I started writing poetry for the first time, when I started to take it seriously, I never intended to put all of my work into a book for the whole world to read but I've since changed my mind. Please take a look at the link and see whether or not you're interested as it's been on Amazon for quite some time now and had no views or sales whatsoever. It's a tad bit depressing and somehow it's making me feel as though I should give up my hope of becoming an author.
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Rather than have the obvious 'Rest In Peace' phrase engraved beneath a soppy or dull message, I find it much more exciting to feature a quote such as this. If you have ever seen the movie The Crow starring Brandon Lee you will know exactly where this came from. Without going into too much detail about the movie I must say it was life changing the very first time I watched it and has a similar affect still whenever I catch it on tv now and then. Although I have the dvd it's rare that I'll watch such a powerful movie as it depends entirely on my mood, but The Crow is definitely an inspiration toward a lot of the things I do regarding my writing. With revenge being the key factor in this movie and the story involved duing the leadup to it, a lot of emotion comes pouring out of your heart. Many movies have opened my eyes to the things I was blinded by before and now I no longer allow such things to get in my way. I will live my life the way I choose to.. and I will avenge the death of those I love dearly, in this life or the next.

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The Lion King: Simba's Pride

The Lion King 2 - Simba's Pride (2-Disc Special Edition) < Buy Now

Beauty & The Beast:

The Little Mermaid:


Peter Pan:

Snow White:

Robin Hood:

Lady & The Tramp:

Mary Poppins:



Sleeping Beauty:

101 Dalmations:

Alice In Wonderland:

There are many more Disney movies that deserve a mention and should be right be featured on this list. However, I'm afraid this post is already too long and I don't wish for it to be any longer! if you feel there's a movie in particular that should appear on this list let me know :)

9 June 2011

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As today is his birthday I find it only necessary that I dedicate this post to him. Over the years I have been a devoted fan of Mr.Depp, he has never once failed to impress given all of the weird and wonderful roles he's chosen in his acting career. 21 Jump Street is included in my favourites even though I know he grew tired of playing a character that provoked his audience to view him as nothing more than a 'teen idol'. Succeeding the popular 80's flop of a show came an abundance of fanstically unique roles for him to play, all hand picked by himself. It was clear he never wanted to truly involve himself with blockbuster movies and always opted for a completely different route, earning him the attention he wanted desperately to avoid. Although his plans didn't go quite according to plan he appreciates the amount of love he receives from fans and critics alike since he has been in the acting industry. I am certain there are many more years to come and that Johnny will continue to shine as the brightest star in the sky.. or should I say Hollywood.
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Before I review this fantastic movie I want to point out my opinion on it's rating. Even though the official video release did not contain an actual rating, the fact that it was displayed countless times on Cartoon Network (and still is today) suggests the creators believed it was appropriate to be viewed by young children. I do not agree with their decision but I will not argue and start bad mouthing them or the movie because I found it incredibly fascinating.

The very first time I watched The Halloween Tree I was fairly young myself and can honestly say I was somewhat disturbed by the harsh reality featured on screen. Although some would argue it's a good lesson to be learnt by watching this movie, I never found it too exciting to be learning about such things at that point in time. However, the fact that I enjoyed watching it so much suggests I could never degrade it for anything as it's one of my favourite movies to watch on Halloween night with or without company. I used to constantly check the tv guide to see what day and time it was airing so that I wouldn't miss a second of it, I loved it that much.

Still, my love of this movie stands tall and strong as it's one of those that you watch and never ever forget. Something about it captures your heart and you're completely captivated by everything that's going on, you can barely pull your eyes away from the screen.

A general summary of this movie would read as follows:
It was routine that on every Halloween five best friends would get together, dress up in their favourite costumes and go trick or treating. However, after putting on their outfits and meeting up at the usual place, only four of them were present. Believing it to be nothing but a sly trick as the missing friend would never miss his favourite holiday, they head over to his house on the edge of town. Stricken by the sight of an ambulance outside their friends house, they cause a fuss and learn that he must have an operation to remove his appendix otherwise he would not survive.

Panicking and feeling utterly distraught, they refuse to go on with their Halloween rituals until their friend tells them to go on without him and that he would be alright. As they proceed to go trick or treating without their dear friend by their side, they come across and old mansion that looks incredibly frightening and takes them long enough to knock on the door. The four friends then encounter an equally as old and scary looking man wearing a vampires cape and what they think is a goblins nose. From this point on, the strange man leads the children through a vast amount of decades and cultures so that they may explore and find out the true meaning of Halloween and why we celebrate it today. On this journey they wind up finding the soul of their beloved friend and chase him through every time and culture they visit, trying to rescue him and bring him back to the world of the living.

8 June 2011

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Captain Jack Sparrow:

 The Mad Hatter:

 Willy Wonka:

 Edward Scissorhands:

 Ichabod Crane:

 Sweeney Todd:

 Agent Sands:

Wade 'Cry Baby' Walker:

Mort Rainey:

Don Juan DeMarco:

The list of characters above are those I believe have been Johnny’s most diverse since he began his acting career all those years ago. Some will agree and some will disagree with my choices so I will invite those who share different opinions to post a comment letting me know which character/s I should have included in this top ten list. They are not listed in order but are merely the one’s I think were his best.

3 June 2011

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Guaranteed ways of earning more money on Triond!

Articles such as this seem to get a great amount of views as people are constantly looking for genuine ideas to help them earn more money with Triond. I find it moderately amusing that people post similar articles but repeat themselves for an entire page just to gain views due to the articles title. It is merely persuading others to read a completely pointless piece of information.. that really isn’t information.

Google Trends:
One of the main steps for gaining more views is to search what is currently popular among Internet users. If there is a topic trending you think you would be good at writing about, use it! You’re bound to get hundreds of views if a fair amount of people are searching for your chosen subject.

Prior Knowledge:
In order to write good quality articles you’re going to want to have prior knowledge on the subject you’re writing about. If you know what you’re talking about then your readers can fully understand the message you’re trying to get across to them. This in turn will lead to more views, possible comments and likes.

Possibly one of the first things you should think about doing when you sign up for Triond. If you want more views, try adding other members and commenting on their articles. This may encourage them to view your own articles and return the favour of posting comments if they take interest in whatever you write.

Promoting your articles is another of the most important tasks you should aim to achieve after you have written them. Although Triond publishes your articles on appropriate sites to begin with, you should spread the word elsewhere on social sites such as facebook, myspace and twitter.
These are essential if you want your article to earn a place in the search engines. The more keywords you use, the easier it is for Google and others to find it. Whenever an opportunity arises to use keywords be sure you don’t pass them by as the more you use, the more traffic you’ll drive to your articles.

There are plenty of other ways as well as the ones listed above that can help you gain more attention for your articles. Generally, you can do anything you want to do when it comes to sharing your writing but knowing the more you share, the more people will view your articles. The title of your articles is another key factor to gaining more views. If it’s catchy and matches exactly what people are looking for, they are bound to read it.

2 June 2011

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List of the highest voted ice cream flavours. Mention your favourite in a comment below!
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Mint Choc Chip 
  • Coffee
  • Honeycomb
  • Bubblegum
  • Pecan
  • Butterscotch
  • Liquorice
  • Orange
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Toffee
  • Banana
  • Cookie Dough
  • Rocky Road
  • Rum N Raisin
  • Coconut
  • Raspberry
  • Maple Nut
  • Sherbet
I browsed the web to find these flavours as the most popular. Are there any missing that you would add to the list? How many of the flavours listed above have you actually had?
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Glen Lantz:
Glen is probably one of my least favourite as he doesn’t have much of a role in Nightmare On Elm Street. Also, he has such a baby face in that movie that I can’t take him seriously. The movie itself is between good and bad, not one of the best horror movies but definitely not one of the worst, though a little cheesy at times.
Again with this character, he did not have much of a role and thus I didn’t think much of it. Platoon is actually one of the few decent war related movies that I can sit through and follow without being bored to tears. Although there are moments throughout that I wish weren’t there, it is a brilliant movie nonetheless.
Cry Baby:
One of my favourite characters by far as there’s nothing dull or boring about him. Given that he is the main focus of this movie, it helps with choosing who’s on top and who isn’t. His character in this is entertaining in all ways. He’s funny, has a bad temper and has a heart that belongs to only one woman in his life.
Tom Hanson:
Not many people think much of this character and it’s probably got a lot to do with his baby face in this as well. I can overlook that just once seeing as 21 Jump Street is one of the best series ever made. It has non stop thrills and is incredibly entertaining, as well as funny. I would put Hanson high on the list of the best.
Edward Scissorhands:
When my obsession with Johnny started out years ago, this was one of my favourite characters and quite possibly still remains as one. Though not my all time favourite, Edward is definitely something special and does deserve a high spot on the list of Johnny’s best characters. He’s sweet, lovable and rather cute.
Axel Blackmar:
This movie is seriously strange and it took me quite a while to adapt to it before I could sit through it without thinking “what the hell”. It does require a lot of attention and Depp’s performance in this is outstanding, though somewhat weird at times. Though I wouldn’t place Axel high on the list, he does need to be here.
The most adorable character ever created in my opinion, at least when it comes to Johnny’s movies. Sam is definitely high up on the list as being one of the last choices to be disliked. Everything about this character screams innocence and inspiration. If you weren’t inspired to follow your dreams watching this, try again.
Gilbert Grape:
Another of his best characters is Gilbert and everything about him is attractive. More or less personality wise and the way he treats his brother, sisters and mother. He is the type of guy you would look for when searching for a friend or potential partner. The stress of playing the parent most of the time makes him admirable.
Ed Wood:
This is a character I wouldn’t think twice about placing under a dislike category. I just don’t understand him or like him much in this movie. I don’t like the movie all that much either as it’s complete rubbish and I’ll more than likely get a few bad comments for that one. The movie bored me and Depp’s character was just too weird.
Don Juan:
Easily in the top three if I were ever to make a top five of his best characters. Everything about Don Juan makes you fall in love with him and wish there were more men out there like him. Although he is not his true self toward the end of the movie, the fact that someone treasures women that much, earns him a high rating.
William Blake:
I really couldn’t follow this movie very well so I can’t give too much of a description of what I thought about it. I can however suggest that his character was pretty decent but perhaps I’m being bias with that one. My favourite poet is William Blake and that probably made me love his character in Dead Man even more.
Gene Watson:
I must admit that when I first bought this movie I had it playing constantly and wore out the disc. It’s not one of my favourites as I don’t much like his character, but the storyline is pretty decent and I could sit through it without getting too bored. The only thing I admire about the character is the immense love for his little girl.
Donnie Brasco:
Again, not one of my favourite characters or movies. I don’t like movies of this genre and this one wasn’t an exception simply because Johnny had a lead role. Usually, I tend to like movies merely because I like the actors, but this one I just couldn’t. There’s one scene in this movie I love but other than that, I can’t stand it.
If I had my way I would put Raphael at least at number two on a best characters list. The love he has for his family and the risks and chances he takes throughout the movie is why I love him in this. The movie had me crying for hours on end and any movie that can have that affect is worth rating high on any list, Raphael too.
Ichabod Crane:
This movie was really enjoyable to watch and so was Depp’s character in it. I loved the humour that came along with his weird personality in this one and every scene was brilliant to watch. I never got bored of watching this one when I played it over and over again. Great acting and definitely one of his best characters.
Spencer Armacost:
Easily up there as one of the best characters simply because he’s frightening in this. Everytime I watch this movie I get scared and almost believe Johnny is evil behind those eyes that captivate and entrance us into thinking he’s an angel. He plays this role so well I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, definitely one to watch.
Truly heartbreaking movie and usually I can’t watch it all the way through. Sometimes I skip parts to where Cesar appears because his parts and by far the best. Cesar reminds me somewhat of Don Juan, either by the way he speaks, the way he looks or the way he treats Suzie after falling in love with her.
High up on the list because of his accent. Amazed that he could pull off an Irish accent so well and with such ease, he truly is a very talented actor. Aside from the accent being one of the top reasons why I love this character, the movie itself is also pretty interesting and deserves more than a few watches. I love chocolat.
Frederick Abberline:
I don’t much like this movie due to it’s content but Johnny’s character is pretty enchanting and I generally put myself through watching it, just to see him. Definitely one of his best looks and the accent again is very impressive. I find myself drawn to this character but am not always so certain why.
Captain Jack Sparrow:
I don’t know quite how to word this one. Mr.Sparrow is easily number one on any list of ultimate characters. He is certainly one of Johnny’s best and I will forever stand by that opinion, even though most people would agree. I sometimes refuse to like whatever is popular, but with Jack Sparrow it cannot be helped.
Mort Rainey:
Mort would tie with Sparrow for the first place on a best characters list. Secret Window is my all time favourite Depp movie and his character makes it even more entertaining to watch. I love everything about the storyline and the personality/s of Mort. The fact that Mort is also a writer might have influenced my vote on this one.
Willy Wonka:
Much better than the first Wonka movie in my opinion, does anyone else agree?. Though I loved Gene’s interpretation of a chocolate factory owner, Johnny made it much more fun to watch. I love the quirky side to him in this and even though he looks positively ugly, it’s still worth watching for giggles.
Sweeney Todd:
Not one of my favourite movies or characters to be honest. Aside from the awful singing coming from Johnny’s mouth, I can’t really develop a like for his character apart from the undying love he has for his wife and daughter. Everything about the movie was dull and pointless, if you disagree, leave your opinion below.
Mad Hatter:
When it comes to diverse characters I think Johnny pretty much hits the nail on the head, especially with the Hatter. By far one of my favourite characters and easily more entertaining than any other Hatter I have watched or read about. Not entirely sure about the freaky make up they used on him in this, but it’s fabulous still.

Agree Or Disagree?
I want to know your favourite and least favourite Johnny Depp characters in the form of a comment below. I will reply to those I need to as soon as I am able. It would be interesting to see your views on the above!

1 June 2011

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Top ten highest voted new releases.

Rolling In The Deep ~ Adele
E.T. ~ Katy Perry
Give Me Everything ~ Pit bull
Just Can’t Get Enough ~ Black Eyed Peas
On The Floor ~ Jennifer Lopez
The Lazy Song ~ Bruno Mars
Till The World Ends ~ Britney Spears
Party Rock Anthem ~ Lmfao
The Show Goes On ~ Lupe Fiasco
Look At Me Now ~ Chris Brown
Down On Me ~ Jeremiah
Hair ~ Lady Gaga
S&M ~ Rhianna
Written In The Stars ~ Tinie Tempah
Born This Way ~ Lady Gaga
Price Tag ~ Jessie J
Firework ~ Katy Perry
Just The Way You Are ~ Bruno Mars
Sing ~ My Chemical Romance

Above are the highest rated recent releases from 2010 and 2011. Agree or disagree with the majority listed above? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!