27 September 2011

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A few days ago.. I lost my beloved baby bunny Kiara to a disease known as gastro-intestinal obstruction. The same problem has occured twice prior to the last, at which point I lost her as it was too far advanced to be treated. The heartbreak I'm feeling at the moment is going to last a very long time, especially now I'm aware that if I had taken her in sooner, the problem could have been treated.

I believe the point of this post is to urge every pet owner to waste no time at all in seeking medical help for them if you feel there is something even slightly wrong. The reason I did not seek out medical attention for Kiara the first or second time around was due to the fact that she had managed to heal herself within a few hours.. that being so, I had expected her to do so again if it repeated. However, the third time around we were not so lucky. To my greatest displeasure, Kiara began weaker and weaker, refused to touch her food, her water and also had difficulty going to the toilet. She was also fairly lethargic and lay hunched over as though incredibly uncomfortable. I spent hours and hours by her side, trying my hardest to get her to eat or drink and it did not prove helpful in the slightest.

After finally accepting the fact that I wasn't able to help her, I took her to a vet to see if there was anything they could do. My heart broke into a million pieces upon hearing the problem had gotten too far and had reached a point whereby it was untreatable. It came as no surprise when I lost all control and cried excessively whilst listening to the vet tell me the best thing I could do for her was to put her to sleep and end her suffering. I did just that, the hardest decision I have ever made in my life and I have vowed to never own another animal again. Putting myself through such a thing twice doesn't go down well with me at all. If you have a pet and feel even the smallest bit concerned over their health, do not hesitate to take them in straight away, you might just be saving their lives.

15 September 2011

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I recently came across a small label that my mother had left on the kitchen counter regarding Chakra's. If you are interested in this kind of subject you may want to continue reading. The label itself details chakra balancing, each chakra colour and each chakra meaning.

The details are as follows:
  • Crown - White
  • Third Eye - Purple
  • Throat - Blue
  • Heart - Green
  • Solar Plexus - Yellow
  • Sacral - Orange
  • Base - Black
The label belongs to a necklace that my mother purchased a couple of days ago in the hope that it would be able to help even out her chakra a little more than it already is. I may also be purchasing one for myself if I'm told there is any noticeable improvement, otherwise I find things such as that to be a waste of money. However, I'm willing to be patient and see what happens, it might actually be rather beneficial.

After finding interest in the label, I did an online search and found a Chakra Test. My result is something I would have been expecting as it suggested everything that is true about me. It also suggested everything that I need to work on in order to have balance in my life and I'm willing to go forth and work around those things to get a little more out of the way I lead my life at present. In order to properly receive the best results, you must be completely honest when answering each of the questions and think really hard before jumping straight to a particular answer simply because it suits you.

Chakra Test - This underlined link will redirect you to the mentioned site containing the test, if you are happy with your result, leave a comment letting us know how you got on. If you're unhappy with your result, explain why in the comment section.

If you're someone who is incredibly fascinated by these subjects and would like to learn a little more about them, I would advise reading the following books:

Chakra Balancing

The Book of Chakras: Discover the Hidden Forces Within You

Balancing the Chakras

11 September 2011

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Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale

Count Dracula

 Sirius Black

 Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Drexl Spivey

  Jackie Flannery

Sid Vicious

This post is merely opinion based so you are welcome to leave your own views on which are Oldmans best characters to date. The above characters are in no particular order as I feel he gives a brilliant performance no matter what he does. However, Dracula, Sirius and Arthur hold a special place in my heart and I sometimes wonder why it is always those three. I came to the conclusion once that it was the long hair that grabbed my attention, but I also took note of how amazing each of those characters are, so I blame both the hair and the personalities of each individual one.

If you're a fan of Gary Oldman then you'll most likely own the below items already, or at least I would hope you did. However, if you're someone who liked this post, for whatever reason and would like to purchase any of the movies of which these characters belong to, make your choice from the following selection:

The Scarlet Letter

Bram Stoker's Dracula (Collector's Edition)

Harry Potter Years 1-6 Gift Set (Full Screen Edition)

The Fifth Element

True Romance

State of Grace

Sid & Nancy

8 September 2011

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The Resurrection Stone

One of the infamous Deathly Hallows. According to legend, whoever united this very stone with the Elder Wand and the Cloak Of Invisibility would be the master of Death. It has the power to bring back people from the dead, but only as clearly defined spirits who disappear the moment the stone is released. On it's surface is the symbol of the Deathly Hallows; a circle inscribed in a triangle, down the middle of which ran a line, the circle representing the Stone, the triangle representing the Cloak and the line representing the Elder Wand.

Would You Keep It?


After watching this scene I wondered why Harry so easily dropped the stone and did not return for it after the longing he had felt to see his loved ones again. It seems he passed up such an opportunity to have the pleasure of their company whenever he needed it most. However, I then came to understand it would make him the master of death and that, for anyone, isn't a nice title to have. As much as it would be unbelievably wonderful to have the ability to see those who have passed whenever you want to, it's not the way it's supposed to be. It would take me a long time to finally make the decision, but in the end I'd realise it's not the way the world works and taking advantage of something as such is wrong. Perhaps you hold to completely different opinion?

Purchasable Items   

Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part 2

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

3 September 2011

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I went to see Deathly Hallows today and was pleasantly surprised. In all truth, I had not expected the movie to be as enjoyable as it was. Perhaps I should feel guilty for feeling that way, as my only reason for wanting to see it in the first place rested upon the knowledge that Sirius Black made an appearance. Now, I understand a few of the characters a lot more than I did in the previous movies and have to say, each are special in their own way, I just didn't see it before. I'll admit my main focus had always been Gary Oldman as Harry's godfather and even though he remains my favourite character, I found a small connection with a few others, Severus being near the top of that list. It's a shame it took until the last movie, the final straw, to see who he really was inside.

Another thing I had not expected whilst watching the final Harry Potter movie were the tears escaping my eyes at almost every death, every death of every good witch or wizard, the one's we know all about. Those moments, I just couldn't control my emotions and the scenes themselves didn't help in the slightest. I found myself trying too hard to hide the sadness as some of the characters we've grown quite close to over the years met their match. Aside from the tormenting sadness that lingered around almost every doorway, the movie was a delight to watch and I'm thankful to say I chose to watch it. I had stopped watching them after Sirius passed in Order Of The Phoenix, but the small detail that he'd return in the end had my eyes sparkling. If it were not for his character, I don't believe I would have wanted to see it at all, I'd have missed an amazing ending to a brilliant story.