30 June 2012

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A well known quote from this movie is as follow; "You can't be a proper writer without a touch of madness can you?." - Where is the beauty in this particular line? All of it. It is as true as can be. One cannot hope to write to their greatest ability without a little lingering madness. Every writer has such a trait inside them.

You cannot hope to do what you do best without a slight form of madness about yourself or your ambitions, for pure brilliance shines through and beyond such a thing. Some may believe that little bit of madness that writers possess is merely a disease or form of virus that prevents them from reaching their full potential, but they would be wrong. In order for a writer to write, and to write well, he or she must hold such a passion for working with this madness.

Do you hold that little spark of madness whenever you put pen to paper? or your fingers to a keyboard?
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Just a little helper for those who adore, like me, Egyptology!
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I want Alice in first place because she damn well deserves to be after everything she has been through, not to mention that she has come away from it all, alive and well. Perhaps her enhancements curtesy of Umbrella have a lot to do with that, but she surely is a top woman and the girl power in this one speaks for itself.


I couldn't create this list without including the wonderful Mulan. If taking your fathers place during a fierce war and fighting for your country and dignity isn't considered heroic and full of girl power, I just don't know what is. She braved the harshness of preparing for battles with dangerous warriors and pulled it off.

Thelma & Louise

Another two girls I couldn't leave off this list. The movie itself screams ultimate girl power, from the pair of them. In an attempt to escape their boring lives and leave town to explore and find something thrilling to get on with, the girls find themselves in a spot of trouble along the way. The cruelty of the climax is astonishing.

  Lara Croft

Yet another woman I couldn't leave hanging. Perhaps Lara and Alice should meet one another and just cause absolute hysteria among their fans. Together, they could probably take over the world with all of there amazing combat skills and intelligence. Lara, like many other girl power icons, is trained to kill and protect.


I wanted to include Andy because I feel for her. She works for the most outrageous fashion designer in New York, yet still manages to do her job properly, without slip ups. If I had been in her shoes and had to work for a horrible boss like that, I would have long ago put my foot in it. Kudos to Andy for sticking it out.


The oh so naive and ditzy blonde from Clueless has girl power stamped all over her forehead in that movie, it's hard to not notice. After being led to believe she isn't succeeding in anything at school or in her own personal life, makes a go of changing and improving her lifestyle. She tries to discover herself.


No list is ever complete without the lovable Tracy so here she is. Just like many of the other girls on this list, she makes a go of finding her true self and putting it on display for the whole world to see and talk about. She is brave, cunning and most of all loyal. Nothing screams girl power like beating the classy chicks.
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There are five elements all should be aware of; fire, water, air, earth and love. The love element should be widely recognised as a true element, along with the other four. Each have their own unique powers and there is no doubt that love is the strongest of them all. 

A supreme being named Leeloo became an icon in the movie world many years ago, for her faith, her strength and the love she grew to know. Though at first, feelings were almost a stranger to her. A man named Corbin fell in love with her and in turn she developed strong emotions. Her emotions built and built until there was nothing left for her to do but understand and accept. Life on earth, to this supreme being, being frustrating and upon finding out near enough everything about humanity, she wept. 

This post is definitely inspired by, if you have not guessed, The Fifth Element. You are missing out if you haven't yet given this a viewing. It changes how you think, how you feel and provides you with information you've never seen or heard before. It is recommended for anyone and everyone. If you like to delve into the magical worlds of what could be and probably is out there, give it a watch.

3 June 2012

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