9 June 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |

As today is his birthday I find it only necessary that I dedicate this post to him. Over the years I have been a devoted fan of Mr.Depp, he has never once failed to impress given all of the weird and wonderful roles he's chosen in his acting career. 21 Jump Street is included in my favourites even though I know he grew tired of playing a character that provoked his audience to view him as nothing more than a 'teen idol'. Succeeding the popular 80's flop of a show came an abundance of fanstically unique roles for him to play, all hand picked by himself. It was clear he never wanted to truly involve himself with blockbuster movies and always opted for a completely different route, earning him the attention he wanted desperately to avoid. Although his plans didn't go quite according to plan he appreciates the amount of love he receives from fans and critics alike since he has been in the acting industry. I am certain there are many more years to come and that Johnny will continue to shine as the brightest star in the sky.. or should I say Hollywood.


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