3 June 2011

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Guaranteed ways of earning more money on Triond!

Articles such as this seem to get a great amount of views as people are constantly looking for genuine ideas to help them earn more money with Triond. I find it moderately amusing that people post similar articles but repeat themselves for an entire page just to gain views due to the articles title. It is merely persuading others to read a completely pointless piece of information.. that really isn’t information.

Google Trends:
One of the main steps for gaining more views is to search what is currently popular among Internet users. If there is a topic trending you think you would be good at writing about, use it! You’re bound to get hundreds of views if a fair amount of people are searching for your chosen subject.

Prior Knowledge:
In order to write good quality articles you’re going to want to have prior knowledge on the subject you’re writing about. If you know what you’re talking about then your readers can fully understand the message you’re trying to get across to them. This in turn will lead to more views, possible comments and likes.

Possibly one of the first things you should think about doing when you sign up for Triond. If you want more views, try adding other members and commenting on their articles. This may encourage them to view your own articles and return the favour of posting comments if they take interest in whatever you write.

Promoting your articles is another of the most important tasks you should aim to achieve after you have written them. Although Triond publishes your articles on appropriate sites to begin with, you should spread the word elsewhere on social sites such as facebook, myspace and twitter.
These are essential if you want your article to earn a place in the search engines. The more keywords you use, the easier it is for Google and others to find it. Whenever an opportunity arises to use keywords be sure you don’t pass them by as the more you use, the more traffic you’ll drive to your articles.

There are plenty of other ways as well as the ones listed above that can help you gain more attention for your articles. Generally, you can do anything you want to do when it comes to sharing your writing but knowing the more you share, the more people will view your articles. The title of your articles is another key factor to gaining more views. If it’s catchy and matches exactly what people are looking for, they are bound to read it.


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