23 July 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
One of my all time favourite movies released a year before I was born is climbing it's way up that favourite list and will no doubt end up in second place sometime soon. I would of course have it in first place if the overly wonderful American History X did not exist, but it does. I currently have a top five list of my favourite movies and whilst it may take a little longer for Bird On A Wire to reach the standards of the other movies featured on that list, it's surely rising high.

Bird on a Wire

If you haven't seen this movie by now I would definitely recommend it as it's filled with every genre, in my own opinion,  so there's bound to be something you like. Both lead roles are fantastic and personally I think they are entertaining beyond their limits as actors. I have a great like for both Mel and Goldie so this movie was no dull and pointless watch for me. If you're interested in a whole load of love with a dash of comedy sprinkled over it and a few action breaks here and there, this is one to watch! Just click the image above and purchase it's magnificence.. a brilliant masterpiece awaits you.


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