11 August 2011

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I recently stumbled upon another blog that featured a post discussing motivational movies. The post sparked the idea to write one similar myself, using the movies that inspire me day by day. There are not a lot of movies that have the ability to make us feel as such, but those that do deserve a special mention.

American History X:

This is on the top of my list because for years it has been my all time favourite. Not only is the story beautiful and heartbreaking, it contains one of the most important lessons we should learn in life and I quote the movie; We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature. That particular quote featured at the very end of the movie inspires me to never carry hate in my heart. Life is indeed too short to be pissed off all the time.

The Brave:

I've chosen this one because the message it sends across is so powerful, it can't be ignored. I doubt many have seen this particular movie as it wasn't released in the states, though I fail to understand why. This has got to be one of the most tragic stories ever told and it narrates clearly what life is like for those of native american indians. Throughout the entire movie there are sad moments, some lasting a lot longer than others. There are also very inspiring quotes, but the most important thing to remember is how you should lead your life and to be weary of the choices you make. As with the family in this movie, the love is undeniable, especially from the father who chooses a heartbreaking route to freedom.

Willy Wonka:

I couldn't leave this one off the list so I had to squeeze it in somewhere. This movie reminds me constantly that I should be thankful for the things I do have and not stress, worry and make myself ill over what I don't. Even though the family in this movie are worse for wear, they seem to get by quite alright knowing they have each other. That, to me, is what true love and family is all about. Knowing you have loved ones around you, to help and guide you through all of your struggles in life. Sometimes, money isn't everything, money can't make you as happy as love can. It's especially heartwarming toward the end of the movie when they finally get what they have been waiting for. It's a wonderful feel good, family movie that can't be missed or forgotten.

The Day The Earth Stopped:

I know most people flagged this as a terrible remake of a 50's movie with the same name, but personally, I quite enjoyed it. I'll admit it could have been a lot better acting wise, but the storyline is what I pay attention to most of the time when watching movies. The story covered in this movie is all about finding the value of humanity and in the clip above, the otherworldly being is shown exactly what that is. After a long wait and what some would call absolute torment, the movie from that point on becomes decent and worth watching. How can you not love it for that scene alone? Or for it's music? which is probably the best harmony I have ever heard in my life. It might be poor acting, but the message is beautiful.

A Walk To Remember:

I usually only include this movie when I'm debating over which are incredibly depressing and have us up all night trying to stop the tears, but I figured this one also has a very clear message we should remember. Even though one of the main characters struggles with a lot of suffering and a heavy burden weighing on her mind day after day, knowing that one day it will eventually come to a halt, she doesn't allow it to affect the life she is currently living. The bravery and determination oozing from her in almost every scene is incredibly motivational and inspires me to get on with life no matter what bumps appear along the road.

Pay It Forward:

Without any doubt at all, I had to include this movie, this scene especially. The message we all receive through this movie is that we should always be willing to help out other people. No matter who they are, what they do, how they live, how they talk, how they dress, how they act. If you don't have decency enough to lend a helping hand when others are in need, you don't have much going for you. Would you expect other people to offer you guidance and open a door for you to see the light beyond it? I'm sure you would, I'm sure you'd like for someone to reach out their hand and help you take the steps you need to succeed. As with the young boy in this movie, he reached out his hand to a poor man living on the streets, showed him his potential and changed his life forever. We need more people like that in the world.

Dead Poets Society:

One of the best scenes in the whole movie, aside from the ending. The message I get from this particular scene is something I wish I had seen years ago when I was still in high school. Right through school I was a very shy individual, much like a mouse in the classroom and you couldn't even tell that I was there. If I had seen this scene, had a teacher exactly like that, I probably could have opened up a little more during debates and participated in activities. Aside from this scene, the basic idea of this movie is to make people understand that it doesn't matter what your passion is in life, you must never allow anyone to tear your dreams apart. One poor boy in particular wasn't so fortunate, having his father as the head of the school and trying to balance a career in medicine with acting. When your parents and peers don't understand, life is hard, but you should never let anyone stand in your way.

Patch Adams:

Another great movie starring Robin Williams and definitely one of my favourites. The reason I enjoy this movie so much everytime I watch it is because of it's powerful and heartwarming message. Although there are many who don't agree with this doctors methods, he is unwilling to allow their disagreement to affect the way he brightens up the lives of patients. Think about the possibilities of having doctors who treat patients like this, what it could mean for those who are seriously ill and are forced to feel agony every single day. A doctor who acts much like a clown would improve their quality of life if it were only squeezing out a small hint of a smile. The most horribly ill patient in this movie even produced a smile and laughter at his actions, think about what it could do for others.

Pursuit Of Happyness:

I couldn't leave this one out either as you'll find it's probably one of, if not the most inspirational movie ever created regarding those who are unable to find work. We know, at this moment in time especially, just how difficult it is to find a job and no matter how hard we try, sometimes luck just isn't on our side. Will Smith does brilliantly in this movie and I find the emotion through his acting is severely upsetting. He manages to drag down those watching with how amazing his character is. Even though at times throughout the movie, he gets angry and frustrated with not being offered work or falling short with his efforts, you can never doubt him as a dad. The climax of the movie is definitely the ending as a light shines down on him and his son when he finally finds what he's been searching for.

If I have missed out any that you feel deserve a place on this list, leave a comment with the name of the movie and your reason as to why you believe it is motivational or inspiring, or both. Is there a movie you watched that you just can't get out of your mind for a specific reason? Anything you've seen that immediately grabbed your attention due to a particular message it was hoping to get across? Let me know!


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