11 September 2011

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Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale

Count Dracula

 Sirius Black

 Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

Drexl Spivey

  Jackie Flannery

Sid Vicious

This post is merely opinion based so you are welcome to leave your own views on which are Oldmans best characters to date. The above characters are in no particular order as I feel he gives a brilliant performance no matter what he does. However, Dracula, Sirius and Arthur hold a special place in my heart and I sometimes wonder why it is always those three. I came to the conclusion once that it was the long hair that grabbed my attention, but I also took note of how amazing each of those characters are, so I blame both the hair and the personalities of each individual one.

If you're a fan of Gary Oldman then you'll most likely own the below items already, or at least I would hope you did. However, if you're someone who liked this post, for whatever reason and would like to purchase any of the movies of which these characters belong to, make your choice from the following selection:

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Sid & Nancy


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