21 November 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
Ever since the release of the 2003 movie Peter Pan, people have questioned the meaning behind the term hidden kiss. I know I was one of those people and to this day it continues to get on my nerves. However, over the last few days I managed to come across a few very informative forums whereby people gave their own views on it's meaning. Combining all of their answers, I have come to the conclusion that the hidden kiss is a kiss meant for your true love and no one else. A special kiss that you share with your soulmate, or just your very first kiss and one that you wish to never give to another.

This is such a sweet idea and I'm thrilled they included it in Peter Pan, one of the most adored childrens stories out there. There are not many people who dislike all of it's wonderful adventures and magic, thus are delighted everytime they hear about it. If you have not yet seen this version of the story, I recommend you purchase it via this link and await a lovable fairytale: Peter Pan


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