22 November 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |

When you think about time, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Recently, I have been reading more about those who view time as entirely precious and wasting even a single moment is a danger to our soul. I'm in agreement, I have to say. When you consider those around you whom you love dearly, especially those you do not have the pleasure of spending time with as often as you would like, what does time mean to you then? Think about all of the times you have procrastinated, when it concerns loved ones. 

It is such a shame that we cannot develop our very own Neverland, a place for children and adults alike to spend forever with each other and never have to worry about growing up. This would be the perfect solution for those of us who are focused on something entirely different at the wrong time, a time when we desperately need to spend said moments with those who mean the most to us. In Neverland, if it exists (I'm a believer, are you?) I think that we would all benefit from making the wrong choices. No matter what we decide at any particular moment, there will always be time for it afterwards, because in Neverland, time does not truly exist. It is but a myth and therefore we would have nothing to worry about. Ask yourself this question and be more than honest, could you spend more of your time with those around you when it is supposed to happen? Or are you someone who puts things off till a later date and wonders why on earth you made such a decision? If this bothers you on a regular basis, it's time you did something about it. 

Imagine that we do live in a world called Neverland. Imagine that we have all of the time in the world, time to do the things we want to do after we have done what is most important. Make family, friends and all your loved ones a priority in your life. You never know how long it may be until you get to see them again.

If you enjoy reading beautiful stories about time and how precious it is to us, click the book in this article and you may purchase Precious Time by Erica James. Happy reading :)


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