13 November 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |

Unbeknown to thousands of people who enjoy watching Disney movies, even if it is just with their children or to remember their own childhood days, near enough every one of them is motherless. If you read up on Walt Disney and come across a story about an accident that occured in his mothers home, you will understand the possible cause as to why he saw fit to make half his characters orphans. Now, not all of them were orphans of course, they had fathers as well, but losing a parent in general is overly devastating. Try to imagine if you will what your life would have been like, or what it would be like now if you had lost, or lose one of your parents after knowing only that they are supposed to be together. After being so used to having them both in one place and thinking that is how the world works.

When you are a child, this is your state of mind. You know no other way and so losing one parent, under all types of circumstances, is a huge shock and has a tremendous effect on the rest of your life. This is usually only if the child is old enough to understand, but young enough to feel threatened and lost because of it at the same time. Just thinking about this fact would make many shudder and hope that it never happens to them. It makes one wonder, the children who grew up watching Disney movies must have asked multiple questions in regard to half of their favourite characters not having a mother around for very long, or being born and not knowing their mother. Inside a childs mind there are many things to understand, but to do so would take a very long time as there are very diverse things spinning around their heads all at once. One thing is for certain though, if you knew not what you know now, would you allow your children to watch these movies knowing you would have to make up a story about why those animated children have a broken home? Or if you are older and wiser after watching those movies, what was your reaction to finding out such information?

There are more than enough reasons why some parents don't approve of Disney movies for younger children and rightly so. Half of them put forth the wrong messages depending on how a child interprets what is actually happening. If your child starts asking questions, you had better hurry and find the most appropriate answers.


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