3 June 2012

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
Need a writer?

Need content for your site?

Look no further?

I have been writing for half my life, but only over the last three or four years have I taken a shine to content creation for others' use. My first attempt at building a blog based around writing was so successful that it receives a vast number of views per day; something I am very proud of and happy with. Due to its popularity, I began creating other blogs that could only be described as side projects in comparison. My latest blog is solely for business purposes and features a number of previously written articles that have never been published or sold elsewhere. 

If you are interested at all in having a browse through my work before making any decisions, please visit the link below and you can judge the quality as you wish. If my writing is of interest to you and you are looking to purchase from me, please consider the information below before contacting me.



If any of the above topics are what you would be looking for from your writer; I can write quality content on each of them. Just give me a bell and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Or, contact me through my content writing blog by clicking the cream coloured envelope under the contact section. Assorted Writer


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  2. Thank you Jack,

    I have only recently been brave enough to get word out about what I do and would like to pursue as a career. I appreciate your comment and will consider 'fluffing' up my advertising skills a little in the future.