13 July 2012

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Ellie's Vison
After a good few years, I came across this beautiful movie once again and decided to give it another watch. I am still very much in awe of how amazing it is. I understand that there are a fair amount of people who find this movie and its story, coupled with poor directing, to be quite a dull piece of entertainment. But, I simply wonder how so many people are able to just push aside the in depth meaning behind it; to find its purpose by drawing their own conclusions in regard to what the movie is subtly trying to tell them. 

Over the years, my belief in a higher power or ultimate being has somewhat diminished, but only slightly. I have not lost hope or faith that there just might be something else out there. I do believe that it's a possibility. I cannot abide the minds of some scientists who seem to live by their own religion of thinking they know and understand absolutely everything with a little extra effort, more so than others who go searching for answers to questions they may have. I'm not wishing to sound like one of those people, for I am not. I suppose in a way I can relate whole-heartedly to Ellie, in the sense that I would love to have some form of evidence before jumping on the train of believers in something that might or might not be out there. I do believe it's possible, I am not suggesting it's impossible. I am merely realising that I'd need, even in a small amount, proof that there is a genuine, believable entity somewhere out there in the vast universe, just waiting for every last one of us to have hope and faith in them. It is a lovely thought, that there may be, but I'm unsure.

I do not doubt that there is something there, for so many people to have such faith in the possibility, there just has to be, in one way or another. Ellie did not believe in God because she wished for proof to reveal that God was in fact real and existed not only the hearts of others, but also deep down in herself. I like to think that, toward the end of this movie, when she realises that like everyone else on the planet, she couldn't provide evidence to support her claims of visiting Vega and interacting with alien life, that she understood the need to have such evidence was not always possible. There are, always have been and always will be times when proof is impossible to capture, so your heart is all you can depend on. Your own faith and your own hope is all you truly have to help you make the choices you make in life.

Do you believe in an ultimate being and other life forms? Or are you matching with Ellie's personality, believing only in what you have seen evidence of?


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