19 September 2012

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My favourite literary character? It is impossible to choose just one out of so many brilliant creations. Each character I adore has their very own ways, styles and whatnot. It would be daft to pick just one of them to stand above the others, and because of this I have decided on three. One for each period of time more or less, though I could be completely wrong.


I do not think a list of my favourite literary characters would ever feel complete if it did not include Heathcliff. There is so much to like about this particular character that it's difficult to point out everything, but I shall narrow it down. His ongoing and evergrowing love for Catherine is just one point. The way in which he strives all of the time to win her heart back once he loses it to another man whom she only thinks she has fallen for. It was nothing but a poor fancy, according to Heathcliff. He is a character that most will show hatred toward eventually, about midway through the book, but soon realise he is a very loving, caring and misunderstood human being who deserves the love he longs for.


As with my thoughts on the above character, no list would be complete without the great Lestat. He is just a vampire you can't help but love, no matter his evil ways. It just so happens that he was not always the vicious fiend he is portrayed to be throughout further books. If one would read the beginning of it all, from the first moment it happened, they could understand him a little more. After reading The Vampire Lestat, before following his journey in other books, you are shown the kind of man he once was and how loving and caring he was still, even after he had been born into a new life through no choice of his own. Lestat, is also misunderstood.


People should know who this character is without having to read his surname, but if you still haven't a clue, think Hogwarts. That clue alone should help determine who this man is. With this character, it is a love for his mischievous ways, as much as it is a love for his adoration and commitment toward his godson. After his release since being blamed for a crime he did not commit, he develops a bond with the boy who lost his parents many years ago, and is now the only family he has left. Sirius is there as much as he can be for him, but fate turns the tables on them both, with Sirius losing his life and his godson, and his godson losing the only family he has left.

I want to know who your favourite literary characters are. If they have been in movies, that is acceptable, so long as they were in books prior to their success elsewhere. So, do you have one favourite, or many, and who are they?


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