26 June 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |

Love does not know gender. It does not know any obstacles that try to stand in it's way to prove that it is wrong. Sexuality is a choice and everyone has the right to use their own free will. Why should choosing a soulmate not be included in that? I just want to stress how ashamed I am to know there are still people discarding the rights of those who love someone of their own gender. Does gender really matter when two people are in love? If you could put yourself in their shoes long enough to understand their feelings, would you? Or would you do what everyone else seems to do and turn away as though it's not important and a waste of your time?

People need to wake up and forget everything they only 'think' is right. The world is changing and for too long, people have suffered with the pain of not being able to expressive how they truly feel about those who they love simply because a bunch of others didn't see it as normal. To me it is all about control and doing whatever the hell you feel like doing just because you have the power and the money to do so. Regarding those who disagree with same sex marriage but aren't as wealthy as some, it is nothing but religion that has made them believe for so long that it's not natural.

If a woman and another woman are in love, nothing can prevent it and nothing ever should. If a man and another man are in love, nothing should prevent that either. It is no different than opposite sex couples feeling things for one another, do we frown upon that? No we don't, so why do some of us see it as ugly? The reality of the situation is that you can't help who you fall in love with.. and nothing should stand in your way of feeling what you want to feel. Let the world say what they wish, nothing can stop the way you feel inside for another human being and nothing ever will prevent it.


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