26 June 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
When people hear the name Axl Rose they immediately result in calling him horrid names because of everything they hear and/or read. The media enjoy twisting everything they get their hands on to make unfortunate people look like complete lunatics.

Axl may have the odd outburst here and there but who doesn't? Are we actually going to gun him down with harsh words just because his actions are always on camera thanks to the media who just love following celebrities around to get juicy gossip and catch things they should not?

Mr.Rose has been seen in a bad light over the years because as the media claim repeatedly; he has severe anger issues. It annoys me to hell and back that people are still so vulnerable toward what the media tells them and they seem to believe anything whether it's true or not.

In my eyes, mainly because I'm not blinded by the hatred that goes hand in hand with money craving, in control of entertainment news, arrogant reporters and journalists, Axl is a good man. I've always had the same opinion regarding him, no matter what I read or hear. We don't know the full story behind any of the claims so we can't point the finger automatically as most do. Leave Axl alone.. he's done nothing wrong.. and he's better than all of these attention seeking media whores put together.


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