27 June 2011

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Even though my latest post was also about this man I feel I could have elaborated a lot more as many people still feel the media are correct in portraying him as a horrible, arrogant and selfish person. If it isn't clear I disagree on all accounts that suggest this is so, I'm going to make it clear now.

If you enjoy reading and listening to what the media produce then more fool you. There is a difference between having your own opinion and simply using other opinions to form your own. In no way can we tell exactly what anyone is like behind closed doors, but one thing we cannot do is judge those we know next to nothing about. That is all I ever see regarding Axl Rose and it's completely unfair on him. Would you like going about your life knowing there are thousands of people out there who have this undying hatred toward you simply because they picked up a newpaper and read a piece of fiction? No, I don't believe you would.

Luckily enough there are still die hard fans who will defend their favourite celebrities and rightly so. I can admit that I'm one of them as there's a quote that has been lingering for a while as it seems to convey what a fan really is. An attack on my idol is an attack on myself. To me and many others this statement rings true and I like to use it everywhere I can.

Some people would now like to believe that those who admire and adore certain celebrities that much must be completely mental and have no life. This is also untrue. When you find reasons to like another person it doesn't suggest that your entire life revolves around them, unless of course you would like it to as is the case with some relationships. Admiring a celebrity for what they do and who they are is more than acceptable as plenty of people out there act the same towards those who are not of fame and fortune. What difference does it make just because they are known all over the universe? It makes no difference at all.

I can't count the number of times I have gone over all of these factors but it does become highly frustrating. To know there are incredibly stubborn people out there who refuse to accept the way some people act toward celebrities is ridiculous. It's almost like a religion. They practically live by everything the media tells them and not once do they think to examine the claims in order to express their own thoughts and opinions on whatever junk they decide to publish. I have yet to meet anyone genuine who is in some way connected to the media, it seems they are all out for money and that's that.

Why Axl? one of the most disliked celebrities in the world thanks to all the crap that's printed about him. They also had a good laugh poking fun at Michael Jackson for many years of his life because he was different. In all honesty, what kind of thrills do they receive from doing all this to innocent people? The only answer I can come up with, again, is money. They print false stories about perfectly innocent people merely to pay the bills and off they go to the bank with a satisfied smile on their faces. But how long will that happiness last when you compare time and money? You have to understand that eventually, the guilt is going to build up until it is too much to bear, then what happens? You regret everything.

No one is ever truly rewarded for being a fool or an inconsiderate, dumb human being. Perhaps they get all they want right now, but years down the line it all goes to shit. I just wanted to give my thoughts on the matter, defending Axl Rose is something I enjoy doing as I have the grounds and information I need in order to be successful with it.


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