27 June 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
I found one of my old mood rings earlier on today that I had bought so many years ago. I didn't think it would still work as it should but I put it on anyway. Since I have had it on my thumb it's colour has remained a deep purple colour so I was interested in what it meant. After searching online and finding all different answers that would enable me to determine my current mood; I decided to make a post about the one's I found to be the most appopriate and believable.

I have never really had my ring turn Black, Yellow, Red or Green so I can't really pinpoint the true causes of those. My ring usually turns either dark Blue or Indigo, indicating that I'm feeling either a lot of love or I am feeling somewhat passionate about something. The latter is probably the most accurate and is mingled constantly with the first.

The love I have for my fiance is undying and constant. This is why my ring seems to be stuck on the colour Indigo and to be honest I quite like it as it's also my favourite colour. The only problems I'm having with this ring is the horrible faded Green colour it leaves on my thumb once I've taken it off. I may need to buy a new one if this keeps up as it looks as though I have mold growing on my skin due to wearing it.

I honestly don't believe this ring is very genuine because it rarely ever changes colour, it seems to always stick on Purple. Whilst I don't mind having a purple ring, it doesn't perform as it should. I can't possibly be be feeling so loved up all the time can I? Maybe I am always feeling that way deep down inside, but what about when I'm down and depressed? Should it not turn Red or Black? Either way, it's a weird little gadget and I will be buying another.


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