22 June 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
Coming up with a decent blog post on a daily basis is incredibly difficult when taking into consideration the pros and cons of certain topics. Too many people become easily uninterested in reading reviews about movies, music and celebrities, especially when they have their own opinion and believe it is right. When a blogger tries to come up with a list of post ideas it can be just as frustrating as realising that you even have to result in that. This is what it's like for me although I rarely create ideas in the form of a list or spider diagram (which would be ideal if you want to link certain ideas). I usually scan the internet for lists of topics that other people have created, whether they are in my niche or not doesn't matter to me. If an idea is interesting enough and thrills me enough then I am motivated to write about it. Take this post as a prime example. I have never written about finding fresh ideas for a post before but I have been forced to do so due to my uncreative mind over the last few weeks, possibly only days. When I run out of ideas and am left with rather dull one's I always search around to see what I can find. Music is also a big help as it inspires so many thoughts. Movies sometimes can help as well depending on the genre; a horror or thriller would not help me write for my niche. How do you go about finding ideas for new blog posts? Is it as difficult for you as it is for me? Let me know!


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