22 June 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
Two days ago as I'm sure most of you heard, a jackass member died in a horrific car accident where upon the car burst into flames after colliding with a tree. According to reports thus far it is believed that Ryan had been drinking prior to entering the vehicle, but it has not yet been determined whether or not that was the cause of the crash.

That being said, how dare critics accuse him of driving under the influence when it's not even been confirmed? I read Roger Ebert's twitter post after reading over Bam Margera's where he raised hell over the comments Ebert had made about his late best friend. Whilst drinking and driving is completely idiotic and has a potential risk of injuries or in the worst case scenario death, I do believe his comments about Ryan were unfair and more than a little direspectful. Ryan had passed only hours before his twitter post that read "friends don't let jackasses drink and drive". Not only is it degrading but it's highly inappropriate under the circumstances. Do these people have no sympathy at all?.

As well as Ebert's twitter post I stumbled across yet another critic who had posted on her blog about the way a critic is supposed to perform. I agree that in order to gain attention and popularity they must write the latest news as soon as they possibly can otherwise they lose out. However, to take advantage of someone who had passed away merely hours before such a horrendous comment was made is unforgivable. Have these people got no soul?. I am truly losing fath in humanity if this is what the world is like today.

My heart goes out to Ryan's family, friends and the members of Jackass, the show will never be the same without him. Regarding Bam's aggresive response to Ebert's post, I am in complete and utter agreement, he had every right to react the way he did. To the critic who wrote about how a critic must perform; get your facts straight before you type out a load of absolute gargabe as there ARE millions of people crying over the loss. Some clearly haven't got a clue just how popular the show and it's members really are!


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