22 June 2011

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I just read a post on another blog site discussing Johnny Depp's worst movie/s. To be honest, I could never really dislike any of the movies he has starred in, simply because it's he who starred in them. His performances never truly disappointment me and it was amusing to see others views on the matter.

Some people believe the Pirate movies are his worst and that's one that really grabbed my attention. Why is it that a fair few people dislike those movies? Personally, I would assume they hate those movies because they were so used to Johnny playing 'odd' roles of his choice simply to be different, whereas Jack Sparrow is now incredibly popular among children and adults alike and they think he's going mainstream. I don't agree with this. Most people are becoming bored of watching the pirate movies but the children are still loving it. This is why Johnny is still thrilled to play Mr.Sparrow because he knows that the children enjoy it.

Regarding the other movies mentioned that people think weren't good enough as they expected more from him, I want to try and point out the reasons why the majority of disliked Depp movies are actually brilliant. I'll start with 'The Brave' because it's one of my favourites and unlike most people I understand it's purpose. This is probably why many Depp fans and movie lovers in general don't like it, because it can be somewhat difficult to follow and the point becomes unclear throughout, at least till the end. It's a story based on the lives of those who have no money, are forced to live in poor conditions and are struggling day by day to make a living. As it seems to me, most people don't realise the whole point of the movie was to outline and explain his heritage. It was a very clever and emotional movie and Johnny's performance, as well as Brando's were magnificent.

Another movie featured on the dislike list was 'Secret Window' and that one really came as a shock to me. This is my ultimate Depp movie, the one I adore the most, the number one movie he has ever made, in my opinion, followed closely by many others. His character in this movie is quirky and weird with a whole lot of creepy added in there, especially when it becomes noticeable that he's not all there inside his head. What makes the movie more enjoyable is the insanity and thrills provided curtesy of Johnny as he swings back and forth between each of his personalities, which if I am not mistaken he has at least three of. I read someone elses opinion on each of his personalities in this movie and according to them, at least one of the personalities was a real life human being who's main goal was to torment the living hell out of him and send him bonkers.

I think the only two movies that didn't motivate me into moving any muscles or speaking a sound would be Dead Man and Ed Wood. Dead Man was just really dull and boring, although Johnny looked pretty decent as he always does. Ed Wood was weird and could have been fun given the role he played, but I just wasn't entertained by it. Aside from those two movies of his I couldn't pick out others that are his worst because really, there aren't any others that deserve to be degraded.


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