23 June 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
I chose to put the nickname 'Tubby' in brackets because as those who have seen the movie know.. he does not like being called that. Whilst it's very clear his head has been tormented for far too long that it's not almost impossible for him to see what's right and wrong, I don't hold anything against this character. Unlike his fairly evil friend, he is extremely sensitive and it seems to me as though he's only being used by him to get the job done quickly.

As sick, twisted and disturbing as this movie may be.. I can't help but enjoy watching it as both of these boys are brilliant actors and their performances only advance throughout. I've never seen either of them act before seeing this movie and it's unlikely that I will because the only reason I kept on watching was because Peter, to be brutally honest, scared the absolute crap out of me at the beginning. The way he stares at people as though he's looking right through them worries me.. his shocking blue eyes don't help with that either.

All in all though it's a great movie and perfect for all who love thrillers! I wouldn't say it's entirely gruesome but it has it's moments, be it bloody or just painworthy. I'll definitely be watching this one on repeat all the time.


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