29 May 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |

List of the more depressing musical compositions in movies. 

Launch ~ Armageddon 

To The Stars ~ Dragonheart 

For The Love Of A Princess ~ Braveheart 

Edward Scissorhands ~ Edward Scissorhands 

Alive In Your Memories ~ The Crow: Wicked Prayer 

Elysium ~ Gladiator 

May It Be ~ Lord Of The Rings 

Hymn To The Sea ~ Titanic  

Saying Goodbye ~ E.T. 

This Land ~ The Lion King 

Only Hope ~ A Walk To Remember 

Angel ~ City Of Angels 

Learn To Be Lonely ~ Phantom Of The Opera 

Kissing You ~ Romeo & Juliet 

Calling All Angels ~ Pay It Forward 

Unchained Melody ~ Ghost 

Whispering Winds ~ The Land Before Time 

That Next Place ~ Meet Joe Black 

The Ludlows ~ Legends Of The Fall 

The Execution ~ Anna & The King 

Memories ~ Top Gun 

One Day ~ Pirates Of The Caribbean 

Tennessee ~ Pearl Harbor 

River Lullaby ~ Prince Of Egypt 

I’m sure there are countless others to choose from and include in the above list but they are the one’s that come to mind immediately. Every single one of these tracks can bring tears to my eyes and according to a lot of other people online, the same happens to them. Do you go all soft hearing these compositions?


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