29 May 2011

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Music that inspires creativeness!

Sometimes it helps a writer to have music playing quietly in the background to help inspire ideas. Others find sound too distracting whilst writing as each have their own ways of getting into the writing mood. It is often only music with vocals that distract us from what we are supposed to be doing, so why not try classical or instrumental tracks? You never know what will help unless you give it a try and this for me has been one of the best ideas to help move along your creative thoughts.
  • Boadicea ~ Enya
  • Teardrop ~ Massive Attack
  • Injection ~ Hans Zimmer
  • That Next Place ~ Thomas Newman
  • In The Death Car ~ Iggy Pop
  • Calling All Angels ~ Jane Siberry
  • Sweet Disposition ~ The Temper Trap
  • Unchained Melody ~ Orchestral Version
  • Pain Song ~ The Cure
  • The Song Of The Sun ~ Mike Oldfield
  • Sunchyme ~ Dario G
  • Wicked Game ~ Chris Isaak
  • Wild Signals ~ Close Encounters
  • Wind Song ~ Mighty Joe Young
  • Hallelujah ~ Jeff Buckley
  • Wonderful Tonight ~ Eric Clapton
  • Pure Imagination ~ Gene Wilder
  • Launch ~ Trevor Rabin
  • One More Chance ~ Michael Jackson
  • Caravan ~ Rachel Portman
  • Silence ~ Dubstep
  • To The Stars ~ Randy Edelman
  • Hymn To The Sea ~ James Horner
  • Escape/Chase/Saying Goodbye ~ John Williams 
There are many other musical compositions to choose from as everyone has different taste in what sounds good and what will actually help someone write. As for the music listed above, each have helped me countless times to come up with storylines and keep the story flowing without pauses or breaks between. Once again, it depends on your style of writing and what works best for you and how you go about becoming inspired. Music can also be a good idea when writing poetry.


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