29 May 2011

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List of the most awkward and horrible personality traits that cost people friends, loved ones and even jobs.

A judger is someone who is constantly picking at faults in others and can’t see beyond their own ignorant thoughts. Given that they are ignorant just adds to the harshness of this personality trait and no matter how many times you tell them they are rude, they don’t change their ways. It is one of the most ugly traits a person could have.

A nagger is someone who is always talking about one thing in particular and doesn’t drop it until you either accept what they have said or take notice and respond to it how they would like you to. Aside from being highly annoying, this personality trait is often brought on by love and care. If they see something wrong that needs fixing, they will nag until it is.

An aggressor is someone who has a whole load of built up frustration and more often than not will take it out on those nearby at the time. Whether or not you are acquainted with this person does not matter at all to them. As it goes, if they are having a bad day they feel you should also share some of that burden. People like this sometimes don’t know how to react and instead, do so angrily.

A neophobe is someone who absolutely cannot stand change and would do anything at all to avoid it. I actually have a few issues myself with change as I like being used to what I already know. Change can be either good or bad and sometimes it becomes too much for being to handle. As with myself, I am slowly adapting to the fact that change is necessary. More people should do the same.

A narcissist is someone who spends all their time letting others know how wonderful they are and generally protecting their ego. They are completely selfish and couldn’t really care less about anyone or anything that is going on around them. Why would they care when they have themselves to worry about above everyone else? Above all the problems in the world?. A horrible trait to have.
A liar is clearly someone who finds lies as an easy escape route or sometimes will lie out of pure amusement. A lie to these people will slip out so easily you will not know whether or not they are telling the truth. I have come across many liars in my life so far and am certain I will come across a few more. They make terrible friends and to marry a liar.. that would be one hell of a relationship.

A juvenile person is someone who is incredibly immature for their age and it can become seriously irritating if you know someone with this trait. Although it is not always preventable due to underlying reasons with some, for others it is just a nast habit of acting a lot like a child. There is a huge difference between being childlike and being childish. Those who are childish need to sort themselves out.

A manipulator is someone who just loves to take control of nearly every situation they find themselves in. Even if the situation does not involve them they like to take the lead and try to run the place. There are so many people in the world with this personality trait that it would take forever to list them. However, people who are part of and work for the government are very manipulative.

There are plenty of other horrid personality traits but the ones above are the ones that I have come across the most in my life. Do you feel that there are others in particular that are not included above? If so, please leave your opinion in a comment below!


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