2 June 2011

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Glen Lantz:
Glen is probably one of my least favourite as he doesn’t have much of a role in Nightmare On Elm Street. Also, he has such a baby face in that movie that I can’t take him seriously. The movie itself is between good and bad, not one of the best horror movies but definitely not one of the worst, though a little cheesy at times.
Again with this character, he did not have much of a role and thus I didn’t think much of it. Platoon is actually one of the few decent war related movies that I can sit through and follow without being bored to tears. Although there are moments throughout that I wish weren’t there, it is a brilliant movie nonetheless.
Cry Baby:
One of my favourite characters by far as there’s nothing dull or boring about him. Given that he is the main focus of this movie, it helps with choosing who’s on top and who isn’t. His character in this is entertaining in all ways. He’s funny, has a bad temper and has a heart that belongs to only one woman in his life.
Tom Hanson:
Not many people think much of this character and it’s probably got a lot to do with his baby face in this as well. I can overlook that just once seeing as 21 Jump Street is one of the best series ever made. It has non stop thrills and is incredibly entertaining, as well as funny. I would put Hanson high on the list of the best.
Edward Scissorhands:
When my obsession with Johnny started out years ago, this was one of my favourite characters and quite possibly still remains as one. Though not my all time favourite, Edward is definitely something special and does deserve a high spot on the list of Johnny’s best characters. He’s sweet, lovable and rather cute.
Axel Blackmar:
This movie is seriously strange and it took me quite a while to adapt to it before I could sit through it without thinking “what the hell”. It does require a lot of attention and Depp’s performance in this is outstanding, though somewhat weird at times. Though I wouldn’t place Axel high on the list, he does need to be here.
The most adorable character ever created in my opinion, at least when it comes to Johnny’s movies. Sam is definitely high up on the list as being one of the last choices to be disliked. Everything about this character screams innocence and inspiration. If you weren’t inspired to follow your dreams watching this, try again.
Gilbert Grape:
Another of his best characters is Gilbert and everything about him is attractive. More or less personality wise and the way he treats his brother, sisters and mother. He is the type of guy you would look for when searching for a friend or potential partner. The stress of playing the parent most of the time makes him admirable.
Ed Wood:
This is a character I wouldn’t think twice about placing under a dislike category. I just don’t understand him or like him much in this movie. I don’t like the movie all that much either as it’s complete rubbish and I’ll more than likely get a few bad comments for that one. The movie bored me and Depp’s character was just too weird.
Don Juan:
Easily in the top three if I were ever to make a top five of his best characters. Everything about Don Juan makes you fall in love with him and wish there were more men out there like him. Although he is not his true self toward the end of the movie, the fact that someone treasures women that much, earns him a high rating.
William Blake:
I really couldn’t follow this movie very well so I can’t give too much of a description of what I thought about it. I can however suggest that his character was pretty decent but perhaps I’m being bias with that one. My favourite poet is William Blake and that probably made me love his character in Dead Man even more.
Gene Watson:
I must admit that when I first bought this movie I had it playing constantly and wore out the disc. It’s not one of my favourites as I don’t much like his character, but the storyline is pretty decent and I could sit through it without getting too bored. The only thing I admire about the character is the immense love for his little girl.
Donnie Brasco:
Again, not one of my favourite characters or movies. I don’t like movies of this genre and this one wasn’t an exception simply because Johnny had a lead role. Usually, I tend to like movies merely because I like the actors, but this one I just couldn’t. There’s one scene in this movie I love but other than that, I can’t stand it.
If I had my way I would put Raphael at least at number two on a best characters list. The love he has for his family and the risks and chances he takes throughout the movie is why I love him in this. The movie had me crying for hours on end and any movie that can have that affect is worth rating high on any list, Raphael too.
Ichabod Crane:
This movie was really enjoyable to watch and so was Depp’s character in it. I loved the humour that came along with his weird personality in this one and every scene was brilliant to watch. I never got bored of watching this one when I played it over and over again. Great acting and definitely one of his best characters.
Spencer Armacost:
Easily up there as one of the best characters simply because he’s frightening in this. Everytime I watch this movie I get scared and almost believe Johnny is evil behind those eyes that captivate and entrance us into thinking he’s an angel. He plays this role so well I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, definitely one to watch.
Truly heartbreaking movie and usually I can’t watch it all the way through. Sometimes I skip parts to where Cesar appears because his parts and by far the best. Cesar reminds me somewhat of Don Juan, either by the way he speaks, the way he looks or the way he treats Suzie after falling in love with her.
High up on the list because of his accent. Amazed that he could pull off an Irish accent so well and with such ease, he truly is a very talented actor. Aside from the accent being one of the top reasons why I love this character, the movie itself is also pretty interesting and deserves more than a few watches. I love chocolat.
Frederick Abberline:
I don’t much like this movie due to it’s content but Johnny’s character is pretty enchanting and I generally put myself through watching it, just to see him. Definitely one of his best looks and the accent again is very impressive. I find myself drawn to this character but am not always so certain why.
Captain Jack Sparrow:
I don’t know quite how to word this one. Mr.Sparrow is easily number one on any list of ultimate characters. He is certainly one of Johnny’s best and I will forever stand by that opinion, even though most people would agree. I sometimes refuse to like whatever is popular, but with Jack Sparrow it cannot be helped.
Mort Rainey:
Mort would tie with Sparrow for the first place on a best characters list. Secret Window is my all time favourite Depp movie and his character makes it even more entertaining to watch. I love everything about the storyline and the personality/s of Mort. The fact that Mort is also a writer might have influenced my vote on this one.
Willy Wonka:
Much better than the first Wonka movie in my opinion, does anyone else agree?. Though I loved Gene’s interpretation of a chocolate factory owner, Johnny made it much more fun to watch. I love the quirky side to him in this and even though he looks positively ugly, it’s still worth watching for giggles.
Sweeney Todd:
Not one of my favourite movies or characters to be honest. Aside from the awful singing coming from Johnny’s mouth, I can’t really develop a like for his character apart from the undying love he has for his wife and daughter. Everything about the movie was dull and pointless, if you disagree, leave your opinion below.
Mad Hatter:
When it comes to diverse characters I think Johnny pretty much hits the nail on the head, especially with the Hatter. By far one of my favourite characters and easily more entertaining than any other Hatter I have watched or read about. Not entirely sure about the freaky make up they used on him in this, but it’s fabulous still.

Agree Or Disagree?
I want to know your favourite and least favourite Johnny Depp characters in the form of a comment below. I will reply to those I need to as soon as I am able. It would be interesting to see your views on the above!


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