1 June 2011

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Top ten highest voted new releases.

Rolling In The Deep ~ Adele
E.T. ~ Katy Perry
Give Me Everything ~ Pit bull
Just Can’t Get Enough ~ Black Eyed Peas
On The Floor ~ Jennifer Lopez
The Lazy Song ~ Bruno Mars
Till The World Ends ~ Britney Spears
Party Rock Anthem ~ Lmfao
The Show Goes On ~ Lupe Fiasco
Look At Me Now ~ Chris Brown
Down On Me ~ Jeremiah
Hair ~ Lady Gaga
S&M ~ Rhianna
Written In The Stars ~ Tinie Tempah
Born This Way ~ Lady Gaga
Price Tag ~ Jessie J
Firework ~ Katy Perry
Just The Way You Are ~ Bruno Mars
Sing ~ My Chemical Romance

Above are the highest rated recent releases from 2010 and 2011. Agree or disagree with the majority listed above? Leave your thoughts in a comment below!


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