31 May 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |

Unique ways of expressing love to your partner.

There are many ways in which we can express our love for those dearest to us but few people come up with unique and interesting ideas to do so. Below I have listed some of the most popular and creative ways to show your loved one how much you really care, in the most original way possible.
  • Love Letter
  • Cuddle
  • Always Listen
  • Spend Time Together
  • Cook For Them
  • Write Them A Poem/Song
  • Dedicate A Song To Them
  • Take A Bath Together
  • Go See A Movie Together
  • Whisper I Love You Into Their Ear
  • Give Them A Backward Hug
  • Sing To Them (Even If You Can’t)
  • Take A Shower Together
  • Do All Of The Housework
  • Stroll Along The Beach Together
  • Go Horse Riding Together
  • Candlelit Dinner
  • Watch Sunsets & Sunrises Together
  • Chocolates
  • Teddy Bears
  • Roses
  • Mushy Greeting Cards
  • Use Pet Names
  • Propose!
Perhaps the latter on that list isn’t essential, especially if you are not that far into your relationship yet to be making such decisions. Either way, the above ideas are a must if you’re looking to spice things up and make your loved one fall for you over and over and over again. Choose the ways that work for you and don’t do something you just couldn’t handle, they will know how serious or you are. Best of luck in life and happy romancing!


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