20 July 2011

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A list of depressing animated movies that I'm sure we have all seen at least once in our lives. If you haven't seen any of the movies mentioned below, shame on you. If you have, congratulations!

The Lion King - It just couldn't get worst than Mufasa dying could it? If you are someone who puts yourself in the shoes of others to better understand their situation, this movie definitely must have done you in as it did me.

Lady & The Tramp - That heartbreaking melody in the pound? How could you not weep even a little at the sad faces of all those locked up dogs. I know that everytime I watch it I must have a box of tissues waiting.

The Fox and the Hound - Goodbye may seem forever is tragic no? The moment that song begins to play and we realise where the old woman is taking Tod, we start crying like babies knowing he's going to be all alone.

Bambi - You are heartless if you didn't shed a tear when his mother died aren't you? Again with putting yourself in someone elses shoes. I do it everytime in order to feel emotion in movies, I did it watching this too.

The Land Before Time - Again, you are heartless if you didn't cry aren't you? As above, another child lost it's mother and what surprises me is what these directors must be taking to make movies such as this for kids.

Dumbo - Chaining up an innocent mummy isn't fair on her young child now is it? The most weepy scene in the movie is when Dumbo visits his mother in 'jail' and they share a beautiful yet heartbreaking moment together.

Watership Down - Did not want to include this because I have to write about it but how sad is it? I used to enjoy watching this one until we lost our first bunny rabbit two years ago. Bright Eyes just kills me these days.

Oliver & Company - Sad scene doesn't last too long does it? Thank god for that. The scene that got me most was the 'kittens for sale' at the very beginning. It's just horrible having to watch something like that.

In order to create this post I had to put myself through the torture of watching the clips I found sad in each of the movies I mentioned and to be honest, I just couldn't handle watching anymore. If I have left out any that you would have liked to see listed here, let me know. If you're interested in purchasing any of the movies I mentioned just click the highlighted link.


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