20 July 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
A week ago today I watched a movie I have always overlooked since it was introduced to me in an english lesson a few years back. Thankfully we did not get around to watching the movie, we simply read the book and wrote a review based on various factors relating to it's story.

After finding enough courage to watch the movie I was pleasantly surprised when I realised it wasn't dull and boring, but it was entirely depressive. I'll never again be watching it unless I absolutely have to. Even though I found enjoyment in the storyline and quality of acting, I couldn't stomach the harsh reality of what the movie is actually about. Those who have seen this movie will agree with me unless of course I'm too cowardly to admit there are people like that in this world. I just don't like believing it.

I would highly recommend it if you haven't already had the pleasure of viewing it because no matter how cruel it's realistic story is, it changed my view on life. Perhaps it will change the way you live yours as well.

Dead Poets Society

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