28 July 2011

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I came across an interesting website today that I have never stumbled upon before, which surprises me as I went through a heartbroken phase after finding out he had passed in '09. The website contains a load of interesting opinions whereby the owner is trying to confirm Michael Jackson faked his death.

Whilst I believed he was still alive shortly after hearing he had died, I no longer hang onto that thought. It became too silly for me and I wonder still why people are so dedicated in building up ideas until they have proof he is still living. To me it's ridiculous, people all over the world believed Elvis Presley faked his death and tried to prove this, only to fail miserably. Why should this one be any different? I think the question floating around my head all the time after reading the thoughts and feelings of others on this subject is as follows..

How long are you going to wait for him to 'come back' before you realise it isn't going to happen?

I understand that to some, that seems like an unfair question, but did you ever consider it? I don't think I could go my entire life waiting for someone we already know deep down is gone. It's a clear display of grieving and when we lose someone who means the world to us, it's what we do. We hold onto every slight detail that was or is still in some form close to or relating to that person. It's human nature, that is how we manage to survive with such a loss. As tragic and heartbreaking as Michael's passing was, sooner or later, we are going to have to accept it and let the conspiracies fade out.

On the other end of the stick, if Michael really did fake his death, don't you think he had a damn good reason to do so? That being said, if you uncover the real truth, are you not causing him more damage than good? Did that ever enter your state of mind?.. Perhaps Michael was looking for an escape and that seemed to be his only way out. If so, your adoration for him should shine over everything you are trying to prove and come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, he would prefer it to be hidden. Michael Jackson fans know full well that his life wasn't anything to shout about in the sense that he was constantly ridiculed and laughed at and picked on for every little incident. As well as the huge debt that haunted him like a shadow wherever he went, if he's alive, I see clearly why he did what he did.

Exposing such 'evidence' isn't going to help anyone in the long run. If you admire the man that was The King Of Pop, let him rest in peace, alive or dead. After everything he went through daily, give him what he deserves.


If you haven't a clue who the real Michael Jackson was, this book will tell you absolutely everything you need to know, given that it was written by he himself. It's more than perfect for every fan and every soon to be fan of such a talented loss. The world is in need of more people like Michael, he knew more than he let on.


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