7 August 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
The unforgettable 90's pop song titled 'Mmmbop' made these guys famous and they still are to this day, which may or may not be surprising given that song alone seemed like a one off. However, they have made decent music since they first came into the industry and I've listed their best below:

I Will Come To You


Crazy Beautiful

Where's The Love


If Only

Penny & Me


Strong Enough To Break



Lost Without Each Other

I had a hard time picking songs out for this list because I find almost all of their records brilliant. These however are their best, at least to me, though it was a difficult decision to make. If you'd like to purchase anything Hanson related, visit the links below:


Middle of Nowhere

Best of Hanson Live & Electric

Hanson - Underneath Acoustic Live


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