10 August 2011

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After hours and hours of watching the news, listening to the radio and reading online updates regarding these riots, it's about time I wrote about them. Before I jump into accusations which these youths and a fair few older members of the public deserve, I wan't to try and pinpoint the cause of it all.

Government cuts are the problem here and because of all that's going on, more people are worrying about the loss of money, jobs, education etc. Thus creating havoc all over the country whereby idiots are bricking cars, shop windows and even homes of innocent people. There have also been reports and live videos recorded of these idiots also setting fire to buildings as well as random cars left out on the street. A report from Liverpool came through yesterday evening stating there were a gang of young people stopping drivers, dragging them out of their vehicles and setting their cars alight.

Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with the reason behind these violations, I don't agree with the way those affected by cuts are going about solving the problem. Smashing in shop windows and stealing goods isn't going to get them very far in the long run and in no way is helpful to the owners. There are people who depend on these shops to make a living and after working hard year after year, putting in every ounce of effort they have toward providing for their families, there are idiots parading around as though they own the place. It's just not acceptable and they should know better, especially when they're corrupting their own towns as most of the riots are merely copycats.

These people are clearly uneducated in the sense that they don't know right from wrong. You can't possibly expect to receive what you're asking for when you act this way. Don't bite the hand that feeds you, learn from your mistakes otherwise you'll end up behind bars for the rest of your life if this is your answer to everything. I was literally gobsmacked at the riots reaching my local town, as well as the city just over the water from where I live, it's insane. There's just no need for any of it and it's well out of hand now.

If you're in the UK and your city are dealing with these idiotic teenagers, converse with others and debate the situation in the comment section below. I'm praying for everyone in the UK right now, this needs to stop before it gets worse. Members of the public should join forces with the police and scare them off before every business in every town or city burns down in flames.

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