9 August 2011

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The wonderful movie Benny & Joon has been sitting on my shelf for about eight years and is watched at least twice a month. Depending on my mood, I have been known to watch it on a weekly basis providing I can't choose another Depp movie due to my vast and growing collection. I'd definitely recommend this one if you're a fan of his and I'd surely label it one of his best.

This post is actually in regard to his character Sam, whom I don't believe has a surname as I did some research and found nothing on it. Over the years I have always found myself wondering whether he too is mentally ill, as well as the lead female role Joon. It appears as though he has a little difficulty with a variety of things, mainly when it comes to being sociable. However, I never found anything seriously wrong with him. Yes, he enjoys leading his life as though he's Buster Keaton, but I don't believe that suggests he has something untoward going on upstairs. It has always puzzled me to no end.

If you're a fan of this movie I'd love to hear your views on this particular subject. Do you think Sam is mentally ill or just excessively odd?

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Benny and Joon


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