8 August 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
There are a number of ways in which you can guide more readers to your website or blog. If you're hoping for something incredibly easy that will not take you very long, think again. These ideas will require a lot of time and patience, make sure you have both of those if you're willing to make this work.

Below I have typed up a list of ideas that I find work really well and I hope they help you out:

  • Google Trends - Look up what people are searching for right now. It will guarantee you a vast amount of readers.
  • Google Adwords - Search the topics you want to write about and check our their popularity. If they are fairly popular you will earn more readers.
  • Google Submit - I make sure to do this after every single post. After submitting your post to google url, you are sure to get more readers.
  • Google Images - Adding images to your blog posts or website will look a lot more interesting to readers.
  • Breaking News - Be the first to write about the latest news, you're more likely to gain readers through what they are searching or reading on some of the top news sites.
  • Humour - If you have a sense of humour don't forget to include it in certain blog posts or updates. It will be more interesting and appealing to your readers.
  • Include Links - As I have done with this particular post. Including links to other sites, blogs or products will definitely guarantee you readers, especially if they are looking for answers or items to purchase.
  • Sell Products - Selling your own products or advertising the products of others will also gain you more readers looking to buy.
  • Sell Services - Selling your services will also provide you with a great number of new readers, especially if they are in search of help and/or guidance.
The above are but a few ideas, there are plenty of others. However, these are the most important I believe and they have been working decently for me since I started blogging. It wasn't until after I had weighed up my options that I found these to work best. At first I did not pay much attention to monetizing my writing or earning a village of readers, but since I became interested in the idea of earning in regards to my hobby, I came up with a list. These should bring you at least a few more readers/views for posts and updates. Let me know if they make a difference!


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