17 August 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
After reading and listening to every report regarding this horrific incident, I have come to the conclusion that even though a man was killed two weeks prior to this attack in the same area, there was no warning issued. Knowing this little bit of information would be no comfort to Ian Redmonds wife, but it's one of the most important factors to consider whilst there is an ongoing search for the shark. It's stories like this that make me lose faith in people, especially when the result is death. 

Had they issued a warning prior to the honeymoon of this lovely couple, Ian would still be very much alive, not having left behind his wife to mourn the loss of a wonderful husband. It makes you wonder sometimes just how oblivious and uncaring some people tend to be. Perhaps they were trying to save themselves from a bad name, whatever their excuse, they should have given a warning to tourists. Can you imagine finding out there had been at attack in that particular area after your spouse had been killed? Aside from the enormous amount of tears and sadness, you'd be ready to attack yourself, toward those responsible.

Whilst the shark is very much to blame for this mans death, the people in charge of making sure the island is completely safe failed to do their job. What they did, was nothing. My sympathies to Ian's lovely wife, family and friends. I cannot imagine the pain they are all feeling at this moment.


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