18 November 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
I recently purchased an informative blogging guide suggesting ways in which one can begin an online business and thus far find it to be extremely useful and helpful in many ways. After spending an hour or two going over each page carefully, I hit pause when I stumbled on the topic of in text advertising. Being a fan of such a method, I read on and was surprised and amazed at the number of options a blogger has when choosing which company to select for ads. As of this moment I have not been able to test each and every single one of them, but I am going to do my best and analyse each for my next post so that you too may use those that are rated positively. If you already use in text advertising and it does you justice then congratulations! but you must understand that not all methods work for everyone and it depends entirely on your website/blog, your traffic and your audience.

As I delve further through this wonderful book I shall share my thoughts with all my readers and hope that you benefit from it somehow. I know that it's difficult trying to decide upon which program you wish to use for creating ads, but hopefully over the next week or two I can share which are the most appropriate and flexible in accordance to your needs. One of the most irritating problems with some ad programs is that they are not customisable, thus raising questions of suspicious activity and leading people away from your content. Not a lot of people are ever willing to click on ads, but if you are able to create the ad in such a way that it appears as something entirely different, almost as a link to further information, you'll have endless clicks and counts on each of them. Do try to add a fair amount however as adding them excessively is asking a little too much and it does look very perculiar to those viewing your site.

I shall give you the link to this book so that you may purchase it yourself if you're ever in need of guidance toward creating and maintaining the perfect online business, especially through the art of blogging. Simply click this link and you will be redirected to Amazon, whereby you may view your options and read more about it: New & Improved Blogging Business Techniques


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