16 November 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
Twelve years ago to this day, Johnny Depp earned himself a hollywood walk of fame star. This post is just to celebrate that fact and congratulate Johnny for all of the wonderful things he has done since starting his career. Many of us adore his movies as every single one of his characters are unique in their own way, he never does choose obvious roles and likes very much to stray from what are considered blockbuster movies. This mindset produced even more fans as each were intrigued by who he was and how diverse he is in decision making. So, well done Johnny Depp! and we look forward to many more years of fabulous acting to come.

 This lovely picture is for the true fans! I'm sure you all have thousands of images in your collection already. If you do, click the email button below this post and send the images in. I'll be sure to post them all in my next Johnny related post. I'm sure it will not be too long now before that happens.


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