21 December 2011

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
I'm taking into account that everyone knows who this character is by now; or at least I am assuming everyone does, I'd be surprised to hear that you don't. Over the last few years since the release of Order Of The Phoenix, I have been wondering why on earth Rowling decided to kill of the only real family Harry Potter had left. Sirius even promised Harry they would be a real family once the battle between good and evil had ceased; so why did she kill him off?

I expect a lot of opinions on this particular subject but that is just as well. I would rather read about what you believe than settle for nothing at all. It just seems like the most horrible thing anyone could do to somehow. To have lost your parents when you were only a baby; growing up knowing a close friend of theirs betrayed and killed them to find out that close friend is innocent and in fact your godfather. Whilst that must have been an awful lot for Harry to take on board, the relationship that develops between him and Sirius is a very powerful one and we are shown that throughout. So, why take away the last bit of love Harry was feeling toward someone? Why shatter his hopes of spending years upon years with someone his parents cherished? I just do not understand it and since he was murdered in Order Of The Phoenix I have hated the books and movie since. Perhaps that's going a little too far, but he was quite possibly one of the best characters; if not the best. If I were Rowling, I would not have done such a thing to Harry after building up his hopes.

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  1. I know what you mean! And then she does it AGAIN in the 7th book when she kills off Lupin and Tonks and poor baby Ted is left in the same position as Harry, with no parents. Ugh! But I still love the books (not a fan of the movies–to me they're disappointing adaptations of the books). Order of the Phoenix is actually my favorite in the series, haha. I hate that one chapter though.

    I think she had to kill him off or Harry would've relied on him too much. It would've been too easy for Harry to discover who RAB was and all that. Just like Dumbledore had to die (I saw that one coming early in the series–you couldn't have him in the last book or it would've been too easy) I guess Rowling thought Sirius had to die so that Hermione and Ron would be the only people Harry needed to rely on in the end.

    Let me tell you though, if I had written those books, I would not have killed off Sirius!

  2. Order Of The Phoenix was the only Potter book I ever managed to read for some reason. I bought it when I was on holiday a few years ago out of how pretty the cover design was haha. I loved it though and when that movie was released, I fell in love with Sirius further because of Gary Oldman.

    Although I understand why Rowling made the choice to kill off him and others whom Harry cared about, it stings still. It's a shame so many had to die toward the end and I was not expecting any of the deaths to happen. I remember watching the second half of Deathly Hallows at the cinema and crying over Snapes death as well; something I never would have expected myself to do because I always loathed that character.

    I'm glad you would not have killed Sirius! he was definitely one of the best :]