3 January 2012

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
Only through an open mind and a calm and relaxed way of life can we hope to see the true beauty in life. It is often the smallest details we overlook most that are the ones we should be focusing our full attention on. What matter of beauty lies within such morbid and miserable ignorance that some hope to see themselves through their entire lives with, I will never understand. 

When we are happy and content enough within ourselves and the world around us, we can look upon such beautiful details and smile. We so often pass by the likes of flowers such as this one on the left and wonder why there isn't anything special going on in our lives. Well, this is the answer to your question I believe. Be more in tune with your surroundings and learn to appreciate what is already here, not what you seem to want in your life so badly. A want is not something we should dwell on as the process leading up to it can often prevent you from seeing all of the wonderful things you already have. Are you someone who misses the divine beauty in everything? Or are you someone who captures every single essence?


  1. Nicely said Lisa-Marie. You're very gifted with words. Found you through MyLot btw.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment Debby :) it's very much appreciated! I'm glad you like this post also.