24 July 2012

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
Just like the song itself.. I want to create my own list of things that I do not like. My husband would agree wholeheartedly with these things no doubt ;) but that's something different entirely, I sharn't get into it.

I don't like spending a single day without my significant other
I don't like to go walking in the sun and walk back in the rain
I don't like people who so easily contradict themselves
I don't like being told I am wrong when I am clearly not
I don't like sleeping on an unsettled argument or debate
I don't like people who believe everything they read
I don't like following trends of any kind
I don't like waking up so late that I'm still pretty tired
I don't like garlic, or mushrooms
I don't like certain food unless it is cooked as I like it
I don't like vampires that do nothing but sparkle

Aside from that ridiculous list of things that I just can't stand, there are an abundance of things that I do like, but I just can't be bothered listing them all as it would take forever. I'd want to scram them all in somehow, because the things I do like are far more important than the things I don't like. It would be unfair on the negatives to outshine them with the positives, so I shall shush and end this post here. Share your likes and dislikes in the comments!


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