29 July 2012

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I want to share my most popular Sirius Black fan fiction. Prior to this piece, I had not had much luck in pleasing readers with my words about Sirius and the world of Hogwarts. This one seemed to change all the negatives to positives; and although it's a little far-fetched, it's something Sirius fangirls all over would just love to see happen. If only it could have actually taken place somewhere down the line!
My mind replayed haunting images of him falling beyond the veil as the sound of his godsons cries echoed against my skull once more. That day had been dreadfully painful for us all; and yet I could not help but feel a sense of sadness greater than that of the emotions tearing through others who had grown to admire Sirius Black.

He had been a rock for his godson ever since he escaped Azkaban prison and informed him of the false accusation. Now, he was no longer around. Although but a month or two had passed since his death, the burden of living life without the infamous Padfoot was proving a difficult task for all. Those who had known him for a lifetime were distraught still, finding even the simplest of daily tasks difficult to comprehend. I was one of those people. My body yearned to be held in his loving embrace; an embrace he enveloped all of his godson’s friends within often. Over the years I had grown jealous, silently wishing his arms would one day encircle my body and flee far from others. His passing had caused a rift between many; but myself, Hermione, Ron and Harry had merged closer than ever in the hope of pulling through. Harder times were ahead we believed.

“Guys, it’s about time I made my way to bed. I will see you all in the morning” I spoke, standing from my spot on the sofa and trudging up the staircase.

On my way up the stairs I heard the faint mumble of everyone saying goodnight; smiling at the sound. The bedroom door closed behind me without even being touched and I merely shrugged in response. I was not in any kind of mood to play games with the noble and most ancient House Of Black. Sighing heavily as I walked further into the room, my thoughts drifted once more to the man who was once its owner. Given his untimely death and a dire need for changes to be made to his childhood home, each of us had been given the job of decorating. I had been directed into his old bedroom, unfortunately.

Though it was not the best place for any one of us to reside for the time being, I had to admit being so close to what was once a huge part of him was comforting. Knowing he had slept in this bed for many years of his life, and even sporadically during his role at the Order Of The Phoenix; brought a great sense of happiness to my saddened eyes. Pain washed over my face momentarily as my fingers traced the soft cotton sheets. I sunk down onto the mattress and wished he would return to make us all giggle at his witty humour; but I knew it was impossible. He was gone, for good, unable to return. I sobbed quietly to myself and shook like a leaf as I lay back against the pillows. His scent filled my nose and I inhaled deeply, taking it all in as though it were a rare brand of cologne. Of course, the smell of Sirius had always been inviting, in more ways than one.

As I lay back on the mattress and allowed my mind to take a journey back in time yet again, it landed on another precious memory of Sirius. This memory however was personal to me and only me. It spoke loudly of my feelings toward him, and being the young adult I now was, it could very well have fallen into place perfectly for me. Had his evil hearted cousin not murdered him, he would know how I truly felt about him. Though I had tried countless times to confess, the look in his eyes during those moments of weakness held me back. They were so very captivating; capturing me in a trance. I always fought to avoid giving in to temptation and with my strong mind set, it worked without fail. But, over the years and as I grew that much older, I realised my like for him had been something much more advanced. Turning to Hermione a few times with my sob story about falling in love with someone who could never return my feelings had been effective, up until she asked with whom I had fallen so hard for. Even then, although she sprouted her distaste accordingly, she remained incredibly understanding of my situation and vowed till the end of time to be there for me if ever I needed advice or a shoulder to lean on in times of need. Now would have been appropriate; right at this moment.
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