12 July 2012

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
There is always going to be something magical and mystical about the idea portrayed through this movie. 

It has been a fact in our home for some years now that Steven Spielberg knows more than he lets on, what with all his alien related scripts. It would not come as a surprise if he one day admitted to knowing a hell of a lot more about these extraterrestrial beings. In fact, it would be such a heart-warming detail to find out. Not only that, but it would comfort and support many claims that we are not alone in the universe. 

There has been a great shortage of genuine proof since the dawn of time, but thousands and thousands believe that there is life out there, as well as our own. It would be selfish and hardheaded to just deny the possibility of there being other forms of life elsewhere in such a vast universe. Movies like this one, along with E.T. and Contact, show clearly just how likely it is that we have neighbours watching over us, whether from a close distance or a far one. I for one believe that there is something else out there. It's a loving thought; quite peaceful in fact. It'd be ridiculous to not think there's anything out there other than us given the size of the universe in which we live. 

Do you believe there are other beings out there?


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