9 September 2012

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I tried to sum up the idea of this post into the title and hopefully it makes sense. If not, I'll delve deeper into what I actually mean and what I will be talking about throughout this particular post. 

This will be done the Disney way, because everything Disney is magical and wonderful. Everyone likes Disney; there's no one on earth who doesn't, so this little task will be for pretty much anyone who wants to join in. You can list as many as you wish, but what I am asking is that you choose up to at least five characters you would like to have as friends. They can be animated people or animated animals, it doesn't really matter either way, so long as you explain clearly beneath each choice why you have chosen them above others to have as your friend. I'm going to start with my own little list below.


This cute little bunny rabbit from Bambi has a place as one of my disney friends without a doubt. As is already quite clear, he is adorable and that is one of my reasons for choosing him. He's also a brilliant friend to Bambi, along with Flower, but I'm not too fond of Skunks.


This little guy is the smokey looking pooch in Lady & The Tramp. He is faithful to those he loves, knows the ins and outs of near enough everything and has a wonderful scottish accent going for him. I think I love this guy so much cause of the way he interacts with Tramp.


This quirky horse belongs to the delightful Prince Phillip in Sleeping Beauty and is amazingly funny to watch. My favourite scene featuring the two of them has to be when Phillip hears Aurora singing in the woods, but poor Samson sends him flying into a puddle of water.

Shere Khan 

This is most likely an outrageous choice for a disney friend, but I can't help myself. I'm not sure what it is exactly about this dangerous tiger that intrigues me so much. He is brave by all accounts and is horribly frightening. I suppose it's because he could be a protector of sorts.


This pooch is another favourite of mine and one I would just love to have around all the time. When he is with Napoleon, he is hilarious, and I can imagine he would be just as fun to be around on his own as I'm not too fond of his partner in crime.


This bunny rabbit wears a lilac coloured shirt and receives a bow and arrow as a birthday present from dear old Robin Hood after being robbed by the mean old sherrif. I cannot stand watching that scene so I always skip it. I'm choosing him cause I just want to cuddle him to bits.


Always on the top of my list this little guy. As miserable as he is most of the time, I can't help but relate to him and connect in some way. Plus, he's so cute to look at and I think if I had him as a friend, I could make him smile more than he looks glum.


There is so much to like about this beautiful golden eagle, aside from that fact alone, that it is absolutely beautiful. When its friends are in trouble, it is always there to lend a wing and thats something I would love about it. 

Grandmother Willow 

This is a wise choice for me. I've chosen her because she herself is very wise and knows all. It would come in handy from time to time to hear her view or thoughts on certain things. Having her as a friend would keep you healthy and happy I believe.


I don't know who would leave this little red dragon off their list of disney friends, but it certainly won't be me. Mushu is so funny, all of the time, even when he is not trying to be funny and that makes him even more special. I'd really want to have him as a friend.

So, now that my list of Disney Friends is complete, I'd like to read who your favourites are and who you would choose to have as close friends. Animals or humans are acceptable, even talking cutlery and teapots are allowed.


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