8 September 2012

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Llandudno view from Great Orme

As it has been a while since my last genuine post on this poor little blog, I figured after spending a whole day in Llandudno and going on a rather tiresome walk around the Orme, I would write a little something about the place itself. It has been a main attraction for holiday goers for a very long time now, and even though I think it's filled to the coast with elderly people, it's a lovely place to visit. For the most part, I quite enjoy the Pier and the doughnuts available just as you step onto it. Just this weekend when I went with my dad, the doughnut stall was not open and was quite a disappointment but I'm sure I'll get over it. Besides that, Llandudno has potential to entertain people of all ages with what it has to offer its guests.

I want to try and list a few of the main attractions or areas people may find interesting here at Llandudno, just to see who has been and who might consider going if they haven't already. I don't know how short or how long this list will be, but it's worth giving it my best shot seeing as for every year of my life to date, this was the number one location we went to for a weeks holiday.

Great Orme
Little Orme

That's actually a pretty poor list to be fair and I know there are other attractions around and about Llandudno, but they do require a bus to reach them, such as Conwy Castle. Now, the Little Orme is unfamiliar territory for me because I have yet to go wandering up that one, in all the years I've been going there, which is surprising. The Great Orme however has a select few things that might be of enjoyment to visitors, such as a ski and snowboard centre, cable cars, tramways and copper mines. It's been a good few years since I've been down the copper mines, but from what I know, they are still as safe as ever and running as often as they were when I was younger. It was always a task trying to get my dad or my grandad on the cable cars, but I think I managed to get them both on it at least once and it was certainly worth waiting for. I forget now and then they are afraid of heights.
Of everything in Llandudno itself, my favourite activity was always throwing pebbles off the beach as far as I could into the sea and then paddling in after them. I'm not too sure why I went in to collect the pebbles again, but it was on my mind at the time and was the most fun I had there. The walk around the Great Orme never was one of my favourite activities and going right up to the top from one side and coming down the other side just the other day will probably hang about in my head for a long while. It will be there the next time I pay a trip to Llandudno and it'll keep me far away from it.


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