19 September 2012

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After browsing around for blog post ideas, as I am fairly limited when my brain is half asleep, this is what I found that inspired me. A list of 105 blogging prompts to help those who just can't come up with anything they think their readers will enjoy. I shall post a link to the original article afterwards.

One of the topics is as follows: If someone gave you a free plane ticket to anywhere in the world, where would you go? .. and I would very much like to answer this question.

Despite the fact that most people would choose somewhere exotic for a nice relaxing holiday, I would not. In fact, if ever I was away from my husband to be, I'd take that ticket and make my way to him on the next available flight. It would not take me very long to decide that would be my choice, and as we are not together at present, that is my choice right now. With a free plane ticket to absolutely anywhere in the world, the only place I genuinely want to be is with him. For, at the moment, our being apart is taking its toll after three or four years, so it's about time that changed. As with most things in life however, money is complex and trying to save up enough of it for an actual flight is just as complex. However, until I have enough in the bank to pay for a flight out to him, this will continue to be my only goal and aim, if anyone were willing enough to help me out prior of course. It would be greatly appreciated, but asking such a thing is by no means right.

How about you, dear readers. Where would you trot off to with a free plane ticket?

105 Prompts 


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