18 September 2012

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This is a snippet from an inspiring and important post by Ollin Morales.

Once you have explained to the other person that your passion is important to you, and after you explained to them that they are making you feel guilty about it, see how they react. If they still keep making efforts to guilt trip you, then you’re going to have to realize that this person is unfairly trying to control you.

For whatever reason, they do not like what you are doing. Either your efforts at pursuing your passion threaten them, or they may be genuinely afraid for your well-being.

Either way, as an adult, they have to respect your decisions. You are no longer a child that needs to be protected from the boogeyman. If you’re about to cross the street, no one needs to look both ways for you. You can do that on your own.

Others may be convinced that you are making “the biggest mistake of your life” by following your passion. That’s fine.  They are entitled to their opinion. But they are not entitled to your life. They are not allowed to control you. You’re an adult. You make your own decisions, thank you very much.

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