15 September 2012

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As most writers are aware, coming up with that all important first line for a story is hard work. One would think such a task could be simple and effort-free, but not when it comes to writing. A writer always prides themselves in their work, and will have some serious doubts if the start of their story doesn't quite meet expectations.
Most writers suffer from a little thing called writers block, and that does not help matters either. However, difficulty coming up with an attention grabbing first line is not always down to that myth alone, though now and again, I too suffer from an inability to write anything at all. No, having trouble knowing how to begin your story is normal for everyone, even those who have been previously published and are selling out all over the world. They too have moments like these. Below, I shall grant you all a list of story starters that might give you a boost.
1. In no more than half a year, the world as we know it will cease to exist.
2. Desperation coursed through my veins as I trudged through the empty forest.
3. The stranger smiled, baring his teeth. In an instant, they were buried deep in my neck.
4. A strong scent of coffee filled my nostrils as I sped down the stairs and into the kitchen.
5. No matter how loud I screamed, losing all the air in my lungs, no one came.
6. The waterfall looked like nothing I had ever seen before, what with its kaleidoscope colours.
7. In seconds, he was right in front of me and down on one knee, a little velvet box in one hand.

This is all I have for the moment, but in later posts I'll delve into others. Not many people are good at coming up with story starters and I am one of those people. Even this was a bit of a struggle, and even though there are few of them, I do hope they help or inspire your own. If you use one of these in a piece of fiction and post it online, please link to it in the comment section.


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