19 September 2012

Posted by Lisa-Marie Dutt |
I do have a cover for this novella, but the characters are important for this post. This is what I imagine them both to look like, and this is what I would have to keep in mind when choosing an actor and actress to portray them to a standard I think they could manage.

After stumbling across a post asking readers who they would like as the final cast if their book was ever turned into a movie, it got me thinking. Of course, my favourite actress to date is Liv Tyler and it has been her for a while, so there was no doubt at all about her portraying my character Catherine Hunt. Then I thought long and hard about who would pull off the character of Sebastian Wood quite well, and my mind landed on Christian Bale.

I took into account everything about my characters first and foremost, and believe I have chosen correctly. It would be nice to see my book turned into a movie, and with that being said, I'd better get a move on and start writing it.

Have you ever thought about who might play the characters in your stories?


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