19 September 2012

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This is another post inspired by the 105 Blog Prompts list on selfpublishingteam.com - go visit them!

Alright, so the question is as follows: A genie grants you three writing related wishes, what are they and why?

Endless Ideas 

Of course, I can not think of a single writer who would not wish for this. It would save them a whole load of trouble spending countless hours of not writing; instead trying desperately to come up with something interesting enough to write about. It is inevitable that a writer should choose this as their first wish. At least, it would be my first wish that was writing related.

Thesaurus Hunting 

I am not sure what other writers do about this one, but I am aware that I'm not the only one out there who have a gander inside a thesaurus every now and then in the hopes of finding a better word. After spending the last week or two reading Stephen Kings: On Writing however, I have come to understand that trying to find a word that sounds better is a very bad idea. Still, sometimes it is necessary, especially if you have used the word quite a bit already throughout your writing.

Block Banishment 

This probably ties in with Endless Ideas, but there is more than one problem when it comes to writers block and that includes getting halfway through a story and not knowing how to keep going. This, to me, is different in its own way and should be something we can avoid. I would wish to have this problem completely banished. No matter how involved I get in any story I am writing, somewhere down the line, the idea fairy will fly off and leave me wondering how I'm doing to continue.

Alright, now that I have listed my three wishes, it's your turn. Which three things would you wish for that would be vital to sustain your love of writing?


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